Vision Statement

A vision statement is a declaration of an organization’s short, medium, and long-term goals, describing what they want to be in the future. A company’s vision statement serves as a goal to strive for.

Mission statements and vision statements are sometimes confused. Mission statements are focused on the present, providing a declaration of what propels a company forward. Mission statements can be regarded as how a corporation will attain its vision.

Some organizations deliver one or the other, while others deliver a single message that incorporates both. Both messages, strictly speaking, reflect the organization’s principles and purpose, but a mission statement focuses on present activities, whilst a vision statement focuses on the future. Both messages are valuable because of their ability to build excellent public relations.

Few examples of vision statements:

Gateway computers: To become the world’s foremost marketer of personal computer goods.

Amazon: Our mission is to establish the world’s most customer-centric organization, a place where people can come to find and discover everything they want to buy online.

Here are some examples of HR vision statements to get you started:

  • Separate Vision Statements from Mission statements:

There are numerous mission and vision statements available. They aren’t the same thing. The distinction between the two is straightforward. Consider a mission statement to be a description of what the company does, and a vision statement to be a roadmap to where it wants to go or a declaration of the vision that drives the organization’s day-to-day operations.

Mission Statements:

Explain the current circumstances, including how and why your company was founded.

Vision Statements:

Explain the future of a company, including where it is heading and how it plans to get there.

  • S.L.E.E.P. on It:

According to the findings of this classic study, which affected the establishment of ZIP Codes and phone numbers, a vision statement should be memorable, which usually means brief. Acronyms are frequent in mission statements because they allow you to communicate more than they can fit in a short, memorable phrase. As published by Capterra in a collection of HR vision statement examples, here’s one from SleepZoo’s HR department:

Seize the opportunity to honour high-quality work.

Look for team members who are the most qualified.

Ensure that everyone has the necessary tools to perform effectively.

Establish sound policies to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Payment should be competitive.

  • Make Sure it Guides Your Strategy:

Your vision statement should serve as a guide for your actions. When strategizing, it should assist you in determining the worth of new programs and initiatives. In addition, when evaluating the effectiveness of various activities, you should return to your vision statement to determine how beneficial those activities were.

  • Easy on the Senses, Easy on the Mind:

“Go to the back door and shout it three times,” a mother advised her daughter regarding baby names. Check to see whether it sounds nice to you.” You want your HR vision statement to stay relevant and appealing throughout time.

  • Focus on Why:

Your vision statement is a great place to describe why you do what you do, why it’s important, and why the people you serve can trust you. The work that HR conducts is critical. It’s significant. If you can articulate why (especially in the context of your specific firm) in a short, memorable couple of lines, you’ll be well on your way to creating a brilliant vision statement.

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