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Social Media Recruiting

Social media recruiting is a process of recruiting candidates by using social platforms as talent databases or for advertising. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and other Internet sites to find information on candidates. It also uses social media to advertise jobs either through HR vendors or through crowdsourcing where job seekers and others share job openings within their online social networks.

Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

  • Increases job visibility
  • Higher quality candidates
  • Better employer brand awareness
  • Refuse cost of hire
  • Opens a door to engagement
  • Allows targeting vacancies more
  • Screening the candidates
  • Shortens the hiring time

How to recruit using social media?

  • Create social media accounts specifically to recruit with.
  • Get employees involved in sharing posts on social media.
  • Use LinkedIn to find potential recruits.
  • Share your employer brand with photos on Instagram.
  • Use Facebook insights to study your audience.


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