Peer-to-Peer Review

In general, Peer-to-Peer review is an assessment process in which coworkers put forward their evaluations of the reviewee based on performance, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and overall work attitude. The internal procedure may vary from company to company but usually, employees are reviewed by their colleagues with whom they interact regularly. Peer-to-Peer methodology standardizes the regulations and policies on how, when, and who will conduct the review process. A few of the most ordinary peer-to-peer approaches are;

Simple Review Process: This process is uncomplicated and informal in nature.  Normally, employees are reviewed either in a group or one-on-one. The identity of the reviewer can be disclosed or restricted depending on the procedure. 

Inspection Review process: This is a rigid version of the simple review process as it requires more effort and resources. This process is picked when there is a need to specifically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of peers. 

Team Review Process: In this process, a team or a group is involved to provide an assessment of a single employee at one time. They normally discuss together and conclude. 

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