Key Responsibility Areas { KRA }

KRA stands for Key Responsibility Areas. These are defined as the specific areas in a job profile an employee is expected to work on. It is a fixed outline for each job position that acts as a scope for the employee. It is a description of the job profile designed by the organization. Every position has several tasks associated with it that are accomplished by the employee hired for the same post.

For example; a tele caller is expected to call a particular number of customers in a day from the database provided by the company. And so his/her performance will be judged based on the number of calls, quality of calls and any outcomes received. The KRA of an HR (Human Resource) in a company will be recruiting and training employees, forming their appraisals, processing leaves, etc. KRA is a significant factor in performance management and is considered during the performance management process of the company to evaluate employees’ achievements.


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