Individual Coverage Health and Reimbursement Arrangements(ICHRA)

An ICHRA or Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement arrangement is an employer-funded plan that allows businesses of all sizes to provide their employees with tax-free reimbursements for medical expenses, insurance premiums, copayments, etc.

First available in January 2020, the ICHRA was first introduced by the Department of Treasury, Labor, health, and human services in October 208. It was later finalized in June 2019.

To give benefits to employers, reimbursements through the HRA are 100% tax-deductible.

How does ICHRA work?

ICHRA is a combination reimbursement arrangement along with individual health insurance.

In ICHRA a health reimbursement arrangement is a plan set up by an employer in which employees pay for their health insurance coverage and other qualified expenses, and the employer later reimburses them up to the allowance amount for those costs.

Step-by-step description of the process of ICHRA:

Allowance amount set up by employer

In ICHRA, the employer sets a monthly allowance of tax-free money for employees for healthcare purposes.

The employer needs to offer the same amount of reimbursement to all the employees in the same class. However, distinctions can be made based on employees’ families, age, etc.

      There are 11 different eligible employee classes:

  • Full-time employees
  • Part-time employees
  • Seasonal employees
  • Nonpermanent employees who work for a staffing firm
  • Salaried employees
  • Hourly employees
  • Employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement
  • Employees in a waiting period
  • Employees who work abroad
  • Employees in locations based on rating areas
  • Any combination of the above

Employees make purchases

Employees with their own money can choose the plans that are in their best interests. There can be plans that include services like personal doctors and employees can add other benefits like vision and dental insurance according to their convenience

Employees reimburse the employer if there are no complications in documents

If the documentations are correct then the employer reimburses the employee up to their allowance amount. Reimbursements are tax-free for all employees and employers.

Employees must be enrolled in individual health insurance on or off an exchange to participate in ICHRA.

Benefits of ICHRA :

Tax Efficiency

ICHRA helps employees to pay their insurance premiums tax-free. Depending on the different types of ICHRA, employees may also use it for medical, dental, or vision insurance premiums.  Also, reimbursements are tax-free up to a maximum amount for a coverage period.

Controlled Costs & Risk

ICHRA allows employees to take control of insurance spending, risk, and contributions. 


A major benefit of ICHRA is that it eliminates businesses working between insurance companies and employees

Other Options For Health care purchases

Employees can also choose plans that include their doctors. Employees can also add benefits like vision and dental insurance. They are free to choose any plan that works best for them. All healthcare expenses may be reimbursed along with plan premiums. Each employee owns their health plan and can take it with them if they switch jobs. 

ICHRA allow all businesses, regardless of size, to reimburse employees for their health care expenses including insurance premiums. It helps employees to choose a health insurance plan that works best for them. ICHRA allows organizations to set their budget while offering a formal benefit that enables employees to choose what fits their personal needs.

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