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Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

A Human Resource Information System or HRIS is software used to store a company’s employee data and information on a centralized platform systematically. HRIS is used to manage HR functionalities seamlessly such as employee management, performance management, attendance, leave, payroll, training, development, and much more. The HRIS can be implemented on a company’s own technical infrastructure or it can be cloud-based where users can log in from any device any time and from anywhere. 

HRIS helps in feeding, tracking, and managing crucial HR data related to accounting, payroll, and employees information from a unified location. It helps in automating the HR process and staying organized. It helps in managing tip-to-toe HR operations; from managing employee data to taking care of the entire life cycle of each employee along with other HR functions. 

HRIS is most commonly also known as HRMS which means Human Resource Management System and collectively these systems are also called HCM that is Human Capital Management System. 


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