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What is Employment?

Employment involves a formal agreement between the employee and employer, establishing rights, responsibilities, and work conditions. Employment refers to the state or act of an individual hired by an organization or employer to perform specific tasks, services, or responsibilities. In exchange, the employee is paid a salary, hourly wage, or other forms of compensation.

An Employment Agreement can be verbal, emailed, or written in a job offer letter; it’s an agreement between you and the employer. This agreement lays out what you’re supposed to do, how much you get paid, and other important stuff.

Here’s what makes someone an employee:

  • Specific wage or salary:  You get a set amount of money (wage or salary) for your work, usually every hour, month, or year.
  • Written contract:  A written agreement that outlines the terms of your job, like what you do, how much you get paid, and when you work. This helps avoid problems and protects both the employee and the employer.
  • Control of work by the employer:  This ensures that work is carried out by the employer’s employment standards and objectives.


Being Employed means more than just getting a paycheck. It can make one happier, help balance work and life, and keep the mind healthy. It’s not just about the money. Having a job gives a feeling of independence. You get to make decisions and guide your career.

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