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Electronic Challan cum Return { ECR }

ECR stands for Electronic Challan cum Return and is also known as E-Challan Return. It is an electronic monthly return to be filled and uploaded by employers on the online employer portal. The return will have the memberwise details of the wages and contributions including basic details for the new and existing members. (members who have joined or have left service in the wage month for which the return is uploaded). 

Once the uploaded ECR will be approved it will result in the challan generation which is used by the employer to remit the dues through online payments. Thus, every ECR will be linked to remitted challan and the ECR’s uploaded and not remitted will lapse after 12 days from the date of challan generation. Each month upload of ECR will relieve employees from filing any paper returns, monthly and annual returns. 

Benefits of ECR

  • If employers upload ECR there is no need to submit Form 5/10, 12A, 3A, and 6A.
  • ECR is an electronic process thus no paperwork needed.
  • Employers will get payment notifications via SMS through an internal automated system.
  • Employers can easily view annual accounts slips.
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