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Soft Skills vs Hard Skills

While recruiting employees in an organization, employers look for two sets of skills in candidates: Soft skills and Hard skills. Hard skills are abilities that can be measured and learned by anyone whereas Soft skills are the category of natural talent and are harder to measure and define. Employees or candidates can be specifically trained for hard skills but soft skills are part of a person’s nature and behaviour towards various situations. 75% of long-term job success depends on the soft skills of a candidate.

A few examples of Hard skills:

  •       Sales
  •       Affiliate Marketing
  •       SEO/SMM (Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Marketing)
  •       Business analysis
  •       Cloud computing
  •       Bookkeeping
  •       Cash flow management
  •       Data mining
  •       Programming languages

A few examples of Soft skills:

  •       Adaptability
  •       Problem-solving
  •       Creativity
  •       Management
  •       Organization
  •       Empathy
  •       Quick learner
  •       Teamwork
  •       Effective communication
  •       Patience
  •       Flexibility
  •       Time management
  •       Multitasking
  •       Strategic thinking
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