Culture Add


To define the term ‘Culture Add’, It’s important to understand ‘Culture Fit’. Culture fit is an expression used to describe a candidate’s capability of performing a job, it reflects whether the candidate is ‘rightly fit’ for the job opportunity.
As per Harvard Business Review; “Culture fit is the likelihood that someone will reflect and be able to adapt to the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that make up your organization.” 

Many experts have now gradually realized that it created bias and it has been used by many organizations as a cover to reject a candidate. Thus, the term ‘ Culture Add’ is a more meaningful replacement than ‘Culture Fit’.

‘Culture Add’ means a candidate will bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to the company. 

As per Openview partners; The likelihood that someone will not only reflect the company’s values and professional ethics, but also bring an aspect of diverse opinions, experiences, and specialized skills which enhances not just the team, but the overall company culture.


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