Appointment Letter

What is an appointment letter? 

An appointment letter is an official communication between an employer and a candidate who is selected for a job position. It is a legal document that confirms the appointment of the candidate for a particular job opportunity. The appointment letter is generally sent after the acceptance of the offer letter by the candidate.

The letter has various details about the KRA (Key Responsibility Areas) of the new candidate, remuneration, incentive structure, bonus, joining date, etc. It legally binds the final communication between the organization and employee and confirms the offer made by the employer is accepted by the candidate.

What are the key components of an appointment letter?

Appointment letter consists of details about remuneration, job title, job responsibilities, and  joining date. Here is a detailed take on what components are included in an appointment letter format.

Appointment details: It mentions the date of joining, probation period, and other terms and conditions related to the appointment.

Compensation: It mentions the compensation and benefits employees will be receiving during their service period.

Other benefits: It mentions other benefits, ESOPs, PF, perks, leaves, and holidays an employee will be entitled to.

Responsibilities: It mentions the job roles and responsibilities employees are subjected to perform during their service period.

Confidentiality: The confidentiality part in an appointment letter mentions that employees must adhere to the confidentiality policy of the company and must not share any information that may harm the firm’s reputation and business.

Assignment of Intellectual Property: Employees must comply with the intellectual property rights and must share their ideas about new discoveries, inventions, techniques, improvements, etc. with their employer.

Training agreement: It contains details about the training period and what needs to be done during the training.

Notice period and termination: It contains details about the notice period an employee has to serve before terminating their services.

Pre-joining program: This part in the job appointment letter talks about the self-learning program during the pre-joining period.

How to write a job appointment letter? 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a job appointment letter:

Start with a formal letterhead: Use your company’s letterhead or create a simple one with your company name, logo, and contact information.

Date the letter: Include the date the letter is being issued.

Address the recipient: Use the candidate’s full name and professional title.

Begin with a greeting: Use a professional salutation.

Express your excitement: Start by expressing your excitement to offer the candidate the position. Thank them for their interest in the company and their participation in the hiring process.

State the job title and position: Clearly state the job title and position that the candidate is being offered.

Outline the terms and conditions of employment: This should include the start date, salary, benefits, working hours, work location, etc.

Express your confidence in the candidate: Reiterate your belief in the candidate’s abilities and express your enthusiasm for their contributions to the company.

Provide contact information: Include the name and contact information of the person the candidate should reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Proofread and sign the letter: Carefully proofread the letter for any errors and sign your name before sending it to the candidate.

Appointment Letter Format 

[Company Letterhead][Date][Candidate Name]

[Candidate Address]

Subject: Appointment for the post of <designation>

Dear [Candidate Name],

We are delighted to offer you the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. We were impressed with your qualifications, experience, and interview performance, and we are confident that you will be a valuable asset to our team.

Position Details

  • Job Title: [Job Title]
  • Department: [Department]
  • Reporting Manager: [Manager Name]
  • Start Date: [Start Date]
  • Salary: [Annual Salary]


As [Job Title], you will be responsible for the following:

  • [List of Primary Responsibilities]


You must meet the following qualifications to be considered for this position:

  • [List of Required Qualifications]

Work Schedule

This is a [Full-Time/Part-Time] position requiring approximately [Number of Hours] hours per week. Your regular work hours will be [Start Time] to [End Time], [Days of the Week].


  • You are entitled to get casual leaves of <no.of days> during a year
  • You are entitled to <no,of days of sick leave> working days of paid sick leave
  • The company shall notify a list of declared holidays in the beginning of each year

Probation Period

Your employment will be subject to a probation period of [Number of Months]. During this period, your performance will be evaluated to ensure that you meet the expectations of the position.


Please sign and return a copy of this letter by [Date] to indicate your acceptance of this offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team and working with you to achieve great things.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]


1. What is the difference between an offer letter and an appointment letter?

An offer letter is set to candidates once they have cleared all rounds of interviews to get a job. Whereas, the appointment letter is shared with them on their first day of job after completing the joining formalities.

2. Is an appointment letter a legally binding document?

Yes, an appointment letter is a legally binding document that confirms that an organization has given a specific job role to an individual and they have accepted the terms and conditions of the employer.

3. Can a job offer be withdrawn after an employee signs the appointment letter?

No, the offer cannot be withdrawn after signing the job appointment letter. Candidates can take actions in case the job offer is withdrawn after signing the appointment letter.

4. How long does it typically take to receive an appointment letter after a job offer?

Different organizations follow different policies to issue appointment letters. However, in most cases, the letter is assigned to an employee on their joining date or after the completion of joining formalities.

5. What should you do if you haven’t received an appointment letter after accepting the job offer?

Employees receive an appointment letter on the day of joining their new organization and completing the joining formalities. If the company has not issued the letter, you can directly contact the HR department and raise your request.

6. Can employers change the terms of an appointment letter after it’s been issued?

No, employers cannot change the terms of an appointment letter without taking consent from the employee.

7. How do I reply to an appointment letter?

Employees can confirm their acceptance or rejection by sending an email to the HR department.


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