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Fun office games to play at work

By: | June 18, 2024 27 min read

fun office games at work

Having fun at work is always welcome.

Don’t you agree?

Well, tech giants definitely do.

In fact, organizations like Netflix, Microsoft, and Google have set a successful precedent by dedicating separate recreational spaces or activity corners for their employees. These initiatives not only keep employees’ spirits high but also contribute to their overall well-being and productivity.

Thus, every organization must inculcate a climate of fun social activities to improve employee experience and workplace positivity.

So, in this blog, we have listed out some fun office activities to incorporate and celebrate at work.

Let’s find out!

Importance of fostering a positive work environment  

Stages of Workplace Evolution

The 1990s – Scientific management era (work was too mechanical)

The 1950s- Humanization era (Increased breaks and time for employees to mingle)

The 2000s- Engagement era (booming socialization era)

The 2020s- Workplace fun era (amplifying fun office games activities)

Work plays a vital role in everyone’s life. The excitement of working for a reputable company with an engaging and positive work environment is unmatchable.

However, the reality of the present-day workforce may seem stark.

To put it lightly.

According to reports, stress amongst global employees has increased manifolds. Out of 143 countries, a staggering 35% are reported to be stressed, and a whopping 94% of workers reported chronic stress because of work.

These numbers are not just high, they are alarming.

Therefore, nurturing a positive work environment is imperative.

Moreover it;

  • Encourages employees to respect one another and be thoughtful with their words and actions.
  • Provides a psychologically safe environment where employees can ask for assistance without hesitation.
  • Bolsters open communication. If employees are not allowed or encouraged to ask questions and express their concerns, the work environment becomes toxic.
  • Fosters a collaborative environment to resolve issues, work together in productive ways to find solutions.
  • Prioritizes mental health, raises awareness of its signs and symptoms, and provides support.

Now that we know its importance let’s dive into some of the best fun activities at workplaces.

Prepare yourself for a good read and a whole lot of inspiration.

12 Best Office Games  

Any fun game can make for a great morale booster.

Here are a few ideas for fun office games to help you do exactly that.

1. The “Who’s item is that?” guessing game 

In this game, teams will put their drawing skills to the test as they race against the clock to guess the mystery desk items. It’s a battle of creativity, quick thinking, and teamwork. 

fun office works


How to Play

  • Divide the office into teams.
  • Each team selects a representative to draw at the whiteboard.
  • The first player is given a desk item to draw (e.g., stapler, keyboard).
  • They must draw the item while their team guesses.
  • Once guessed correctly, the next player from the team races to draw the next item.
  • The team that correctly guesses all items wins.

2. Freeze Challenge

Ask your office team to pose and flex their creative muscles as they compete for this one. Freeze challenge is about quick thinking, funny poses, and making each other crack up with laughter!

office fun games


How to Play

  • Pair up colleagues and designate one as the “mover” and the other as the “freezer.”
  • Start playing music and have everyone dance around the room.
  • When the music stops, the “freezer” must freeze in a funny pose.
  • Then, the “mover” must attempt to make the “freezer” laugh.
  • If the freezer breaks character and starts laughing, the win accrediting point to the “mover”.

3. Pottery Challenge

With this challenge, teams can channel their inner artist. Turn the office into a pottery studio, where employees will sculpt their wildest creations out of clay. Make it messy, memorable, and a meaningful sculpting session for all. 

office fun games


How to Play 

  • Provide each participant with a lump of clay.
  • Set a theme or object to sculpt (e.g., favorite office item, imaginary creature).
  • Set a time limit for sculpting (e.g., 10 minutes).
  • Once time is up, everyone presents their creations.
  • Vote on the best, most creative, or most hilarious sculpture.

4. Do Not Laugh

Can you keep a poker face and emerge victorious? Well, it’s hard to control your laughter when it comes to your favorite office joke-cracker friend. This game is all about putting a straight face in this ultimate test! Make Do Not Laugh a battle of wits and willpower as you and your coworkers try to crack each other up with your best jokes and antics. 

fun activities at work


How to Play

  • Form a circle and designate one person as the “joker.”
  • The joker tries to make others laugh without touching them or saying anything inappropriate.
  • Participants must maintain a straight face; those who laugh are out.
  • The last person remaining wins and becomes the new joker.

5. Make the Best Drink or Coffee

Every office has an expert drink mixer or barista. So, why not shake things up with a tasty competition? Give their inner mixologist or barista a chance to show off their skills with a competitive twist.

office games

How to Play

  • Set up a “bar” with various ingredients and garnishes.
  • Each participant has a limited time to create their signature drink or coffee.
  • Encourage creativity and presentation.
  • Judges taste and score each drink based on taste, presentation, and originality.

6. Guess the Song and Movie

Movies and music are common grounds for making friends at work.

Test the team’s knowledge of music and movies in this fun-filled challenge.

guess the song games


How to Play

  • Play short snippets of songs or movie soundtracks.
  • Do not make it obvious, take movies and songs from different eras and genres
  • Participants must guess the name of the song/movie.
  • To make it quirky, use soundtracks from unexpected genres or obscure movies.

7. Office Debate Club Discussing Light-hearted Topics

Welcome everyone to the arena of intellectual sparring and comedic banter! Create a light-hearted debate club and ask teams to tackle the most pressing questions of the time, from the divisive to the downright absurd. And let the battle of wits and laughter commence!

fun activities at work

How To Play

  • Choose light-hearted debate topics like “Pineapple on pizza: yay or nay?” or “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”
  • Divide the office into teams or pairs.
  • Each team/pair takes turns arguing for or against the topic.
  • Encourage creativity, humor, and exaggeration.
  • The team/pair with the most convincing arguments or the funniest presentation wins.

8. Hula Hoop

Get your employee hoop in the hook of the hula. Make them spin, sway, and shimmy in this classic office game! Grab a hula hoop and let them show off their hip-swiveling skills. Whether they are pros or first-timers, this is no less fun than any other activity.

office games for fun

How to Play

  • Have everyone stand in a circle with a hula hoop.
  • Start the hoop around the circle.
  • Participants must keep the hoop moving without using their hands.
  • If the hoop falls, the person who dropped it is out.
  • The last person standing wins.

9. Dance Face-off

Add some excitement to your workplace by hosting a dance face-off competition! This is a great way to engage employees or teams and boost morale. To make it even more fun, create different themes for each face-off battle and watch the office come to life with claps and cheers. 

office dance activties

How to Play

  • Pair up colleagues and designate a dance style or theme (e.g., hip-hop, contemporary, etc).
  • Each pair takes turns showcasing their best dance moves.
  • Judges or the audience vote for the best dancer or most entertaining performance.

10. Indoor Matches (Soccer, Fussball, Dart etc.)

If you have ever watched the US “The Office” sitcom, you must know about the Office Olympics. This is just like that. So, bring in that competitive spirit indoors! Arrange a series of mini-matches and races. From soccer showdowns to relay race rallies, it’s time to show off your speed, agility, and teamwork!

office games for team


How to Play

  • Set up a mini indoor soccer field or relay race track using office supplies as obstacles.
  • Divide the office into teams.
  • Play short matches or races, ensuring everyone gets a chance to participate.
  • The team with the most goals or the fastest time wins.

11. Balloon Blowing Competition

Prepare the team to take deep breaths and blow away the competition in this inflatable showdown! It’s a race against time as teams or individuals compete to inflate your balloons. With lung power, determination, and a little luck, see who inflates the most balloons in the room.


office fun games

How to Play

  • Each participant is given a balloon to blow up.
  • Set a time limit or a target size for the balloons.
  • The person who blows up the biggest balloon (or the most balloon) within the time limit first wins.

12. Pitch a Desk Item and Guess Whose It Can Be

Why not let your employees test their detective skills in this exciting guessing game? Colleagues will pitch a desk item, and it’s up to you to guess whose it could be. From quirky gadgets to personalized trinkets, let them uncover the mysteries of your coworkers’ workspaces!

guessing games at work


How to Play

  • Each participant pitches a desk item from their workspace.
  • The pitch includes a brief description and why it’s significant or interesting to them.
  • Participants take turns guessing whose desk the item belongs to.
  • Yes or no questions are allowed to narrow down guesses.
  • Points are awarded for correct guesses.
  • Encourage storytelling and creativity in pitches.
  • Declare a winner based on the most points at the end of the game.

13. Solve the murder

‘Solve the Murder’ is a challenge that combines mystery, teamwork, and deductive reasoning. It is an interactive activity in which teams work together to unravel a thrilling whodunit. Let critical thinking foster collaboration and harmony among coworkers. 

fun games at work


How to Play

  • Create a fictional murder mystery scenario with clues and suspects.
  • Designate participants as detectives and suspects.
  • Teams analyze clues, interrogate suspects, and piece together the evidence.
  • Each team presents their conclusions and reasoning.

14. Fun Dress Friyay

Inject creativity and self-expression into the workweek with ‘Fun Dress Friyay‘! This will encourage employees to showcase their unique style and personality through themed dress-up days. Every Friday, from quirky costumes to themed attire, celebrates individuality and team spirit. 


fun friday activities

How to Play

  • Choose a different theme for each Friday (e.g., ’80s Retro,’ ‘Superhero Day,’ ‘Movie Character Madness’).
  • Communicate the weekly theme to employees in advance.
  • Encourage participants to dress according to the theme and express their creativity.
  • Host a mini fashion show or photo booth to showcase everyone’s outfits.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the best-dressed employees with small prizes or shout-outs.

15. Video Game Day

Embrace the nostalgia and excitement of classic and contemporary video games with ‘Video Game Day’! Allow your employees to unwind, bond, and indulge in friendly competition through gaming sessions. Whether it’s classics like Super Mario or adrenaline-pumping races in Need for Speed, there’s something for every gamer to enjoy. 

fun games at work


How to Play

  • Provide a variety of video games to cater to different preferences (e.g., Super Mario, Road Race, FIFA).
  • Set up gaming consoles or computer stations with the selected games.
  • Host friendly gaming tournaments for popular titles.
  • Invite employees to join in and compete individually or in teams.
  • Let the gaming sessions unfold, fostering camaraderie and laughter among colleagues.

Note: Do not forget to check out our FAQ section for some more fun activities at work idea !

Benefits of incorporating fun activities into the workday

Did you know Zappos’s core values include fun and positivity?

This is because fun activities help build a team full of enthusiasm and productivity. Their recent boot camp program included open communication with CEO Tony Hsieh.

It’s a fact. Incorporating fun activities in a workday enhances employee productivity and overall growth.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google wrote, “We encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google. This empowers them to be more creative and innovative. Many of our significant advances have happened in this manner.”

True, working in a less stressful (ergo, fun) environment is a win-win for the organization and the employee. And most leaders today are encouraging it to the best.

But is that it? What exactly are the main benefits of incorporating fun activities at the workplace?

Here are the benefits that you must know. 

1. Attracts and Retain Top Talent

“… the single biggest constraint on the success of my organization is the ability to get and to hang on to enough of the right people.”- Jim Collins.

Rightly said, great talent is scarce in today’s fiercely competitive business.

What’s more, employers often complain about attracting and retaining loyal and talented individuals.

One thing that needs to be considered here is this:

Engaging workplaces are the most preferred ones. Especially, for millennials and Gen Z employees.

Employees are often inclined towards a company culture that values work-life balance, creativity, and employee happiness. Fun activities at work can help strengthen that narrative.

In fact, it also appeals to employees seeking meaningful work experience.

2. Supports Mental and Physical Well-being

“It’s important for managers to be trained to recognize the signs of emotional distress so they can react in a supportive rather than a punitive way,” says Jerome Schultz, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist (Harvard Medical School).

Work can be stressful, but incorporating fun activities can help counteract that.

Taking breaks for games, laughter, or even lighthearted conversation can help employees de-stress and recharge.

Office games can improve focus, help make better decision-making, and contour a positive outlook towards the workplace. Games with body movement can uplift moods and enhance physical wellness.

3. Fosters a Culture of Social Cohesion

“One of the ways we can make ourselves happy and feel more fulfilled in our workplaces is to build friendships with the people that work with us, work for us and even with our boss.”-  Annie McKee, author of How To Be Happy At Work.

Interpersonal relationships at work are crucial for employee well-being.

Organizing enjoyable activities can create a natural opportunity for employees to socialize with colleagues beyond their usual team members. This can result in building stronger relationships, enhancing communication, and promoting a sense of camaraderie.

A more connected workforce is more likely to collaborate and work together to achieve common goals.

4. Enhances the Culture of Recognition

Fun office games can be a great way to recognize and celebrate employee achievements.

This can be handy as reports say that employees who feel recognized at work 1.5 times more likely to feel motivated to do their best.

Wrapping up  

Spicing up the workday with playful activities isn’t just about laughs. It’s a strategic move to boost team performance, sharpen problem-solving skills, and build confidence through connection and innovation.

So next time, consider incorporating some fun – you might be surprised by the positive impact on your team’s success. Happy teams, happy business!


1. What are office games?

Office games are fun activities that encourage a playful work environment. Employees often get bored with their regular Monday-to-Friday schedule. Office games allow them to take a break from that routine and indulge in fun to become more productive and proactive.

2. What are some office games to play at work?

There are many games that can be played at work to light up the dull office ambience, like;

  • Prank Wars (builds camaraderie): Teams compete in friendly pranks throughout the week, judged for creativity and humor (avoid anything malicious!).
  • Baby Picture Guessing Game (icebreaker, fun):  Colleagues bring in baby pictures, and everyone tries to guess who’s who. This is a guaranteed giggle fest!
  • Trivia Night (teamwork, knowledge test):  Gather your team’s brainpower for a trivia night with themes ranging from pop culture to industry specifics.
  • The Egg Drop (engineering challenge, creative):  Can you design the most ingenious contraption using limited materials to protect an egg from a fall?
  • Two Truths and a Lie (communication, social):  Each person shares three statements – two truths and one lie. The group guesses which is the lie, fostering conversation and laughter.
  • Telephone (communication challenge):  A whispered message travels the team, producing hilarious results.
  • Jenga (focus, teamwork): Take turns removing blocks from the Jenga tower without causing it to topple—a classic for a reason!
  • Who can create the tallest tower? (creative, problem-solving): See who can build the most impressive tower using limited materials like straws or paperclips.
  • Heads Up (fast-paced, active): Hold your phone to your forehead with a category displayed. Teammates give clues without saying the category itself – a quick and energetic game.
  • Name Place Animal Thing (mental agility, wordplay): Take turns listing things that fall into specific categories, like Name, Place, Animal, Thing – a simple game that gets surprisingly challenging!

 3. How can office games improve team communication and collaboration? 

Team-building activities are a fun and educational way to improve communication and trust. Office games or activities are a collective action to enhance relationships within a team or the entire organization. They also allow the maximization of employees’ talents and ensure they are in the roles for which they are best suited.

4. What are some examples of quick icebreaker games for the office?

Some quick icebreaker games are as follows;

Emoji Charades

  • Write down a list of common emojis on separate pieces of paper.
  • Each participant picks a piece of paper and acts out the emoji without making any sounds.
  • The group tries to guess the emoji being portrayed.
  • It’s a hilarious game that encourages creativity and communication.

Team Building Bingo

  • Create bingo cards with different team-building activities or traits (e.g., “Find someone who has traveled to another country,” “Find someone who speaks more than one language,” etc.).
  • Participants mingle and try to fill their bingo cards by finding colleagues who match the descriptions.
  • It’s a great way to encourage networking and collaboration.

The Human Knot

  • Participants stand in a circle, and each person randomly grabs someone’s hand across from them.
  • The group works together without letting go to untangle themselves and form a circle again.
  • It’s a physical and collaborative icebreaker that promotes teamwork and problem-solving.

Speed Networking

  • Set a timer (e.g., 1-2 minutes) and pair participants up.
  • Each pair has a brief conversation, introducing themselves and discussing a specific topic or question provided by the facilitator.
  • After the time is up, participants rotate and find a new partner for the next round.
  • It’s a fast-paced activity that helps colleagues get to know each other quickly.

Would You Rather

  • Pose a series of “Would You Rather” questions to the group (e.g., “Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?”).
  • Participants take turns answering the questions and explaining their choices.
  • It’s a lighthearted game that sparks conversation and reveals exciting preferences.

 5.How do office games contribute to employee morale and motivation? 

Playing office games fosters teamwork, enhances conflict resolution skills, and boosts workplace morale.  Employees who are more connected to their colleagues tend to be more engaged and motivated at work, which results in higher productivity and improved performance.

6. What are some fun virtual office games for remote teams?

Some fun virtual games ideas:

  • Emoji Storytelling Challenge: The activity involves providing participants with a specific theme or topic. They must then use emojis to craft a short story or anecdote related to the theme. After each participant had created their emoji story, they shared it with the rest of the group.
  • Virtual Cook-Off: The participants will prepare a dish of their choice in their kitchens. After cooking, they will showcase their culinary creations during a virtual meeting. During the meeting, participants can describe their dishes, share recipes and discuss cooking techniques.
  • Mystery Box Challenge: Participants will be given a virtual mystery box containing random items or prompts. They will have a specific amount of time to conceptualize a creative solution or presentation using the items provided. Once the time is up, each participant or team will present their solution to the group.
  • Virtual DIY Craft Party: Players will connect virtually and use their preferred DIY craft materials to create their projects. While working on their projects, they can converse and interact with their colleagues. Participants can share their progress, seek advice, and exhibit their finished projects.
  • Remote Book Club: Teams choose a book to read together. They then gather virtually at pre-decided times to discuss the book, sharing their thoughts, insights, and favorite moments. Topics of discussion include characters, themes, plot twists, and personal interpretations.

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