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    An internal transfer is a procedure that takes place within a company with the consent of both the employee and the employer. And issuing an announcement email regarding the same helps the team to be aware and prepared for the transition.  

    What is Employee Internal Transfer? 

    Internal Transfer is a form of internal mobility in which an employee usually moves from one job to another, which may be a different location, a department, or a unit within the same company.  

    This type of transfer can be either temporary or permanent and can be triggered by either the employer or the employee. 

    Why Employee Internal Transfer is beneficial? 

    Lesser time to hire 

    The employees are already a part of the firm so no extra time is spent on gathering additional information on the candidate’s background. It’s easy to get an honest reference from the current manager of the prospect. 

    Decreased time spent on onboarding and training time 

    It also makes your entire onboarding process fast as no additional time is spent on creating new email IDs or giving them a tour of the organization. They can simply start taking up new roles and responsibilities. 

    Retention of high-performing employees  

    Employees can explore new opportunities within the organization and this would help in reducing turnover rate. 

    Reduce cost 

    It reduces the hiring cost by 1.7 times as no added expenditure is spent on external advertisements, background checks etc. 

    Boost employee morale 

    Employees view this as an added incentive in their career progression and will focus on investing more in the company’s overall growth. 

    Steps to write an internal transfer mail 

    Decide if email announcement is appropriate 

    In most cases, email promotion announcement is sufficient. But at times, if it’s a small organization, announcing in person is a better way.  

    Select appropriate subject line 

    The subject line should be simple and professional. It just clearly states the employees full name and the position they are being promoted to. 

    Address the recipients 

    Make it clear by addressing the employees with salutations like “Dear All”. 

    Proper introduction of the employee 

    Use the full name of the employee being promoted. Also include details of their previous job role and accomplishments. Remember to use positive words to show your excitement. 

    Describe the new responsibilities 

    Clearly describe the new responsibilities of the employee, along with their reporting managers or team leaders. This will clear the confusion of other team members. 

    Conclude it by encouraging the employees to support their new colleague 

    End on a positive note by encouraging all the colleagues to lend their complete support to the newly promoted colleague. 

    Here are 5 templates that will help you convey the message effectively: 

    Employee Internal Transfer Announcement Email Format 

    Announcement Email Sample I 

    Subject: Internal Transfer Announcement for [Employee Name] 🏃‍♀

    Hi Team,  

    I am pleased to announce that [Employee Name] will be moving to [City/Area/Department] as [Designation of the Employee]. 

    [Employee Name] has done an incredible job in [Previous Team/Department] for the last [years], assisting us in [Key Responsibilities and Accomplishments of the Employee]. Now, [he/she/they] will use their knowledge and experience to [Future Growth Plan/Responsibilities]. 

    Please join me in applauding [Employee name] and wishing [him/her/them] all the best for the journey ahead. 




    But the new role for the employee may come with changes in shift and performance goals. We’ll help you to ensure a smooth transition process with our seamless software that will get the work done for you! 🤩 

    Announcement Email Sample II

    Subject: Welcoming [Employee’s Full Name] to [Department Name] 

    Hi All, 

    I am thrilled to announce the promotion of (Employee’s Full Name) to the (name) Department as our new (Job Title) from (date of the first day)! 

    (He/She) has been a part of the organization for (number of years) and has accomplished many great things like (list of accomplishments). And now will be bringing their expertise to our (name of the department) as our new (job title). 

    If you have any questions about the new role and how it will affect your working relationship, feel free to contact (HR representative name). 

    Let’s join together to welcome (employee’s name) and wishing the best of luck! 



    (Job title and Department) 

    Announcement Email Sample III

    Subject: Welcoming Jill Schmitt to the Marketing team 

    Hi All, 

    I am very delighted to announce that Jill will be transferring to our team as the new Social Media Analyst. 

    Jill has achieved many great things in the past 5 years with the Sales Team. He has been one of the main contributors to bridging the gap between the sales and marketing departments. Now, he will bring his knowledge and expertise to help us expand our customer base through the use of social media channels. 

    If you have any doubts about Jill’s new role and how it might affect your work relationship, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  

    Let’s get together and wish Jill the best of luck for her new role and heartily welcome her to our team! 


    Jerry Thompson,  

    Team Leader. 

    Announcement Email Sample IV

    Subject: Congratulating Aditya Raghav, the new Regional Manager 

    Hi All, 

    We are pleased to announce the promotion of Aditya Raghav as our new Regional Manager of the Northern operations.  

    Aditya has been a valuable part of the organization for the last eight years, during which he has help important positions in sales and management and proven his worth. 

    His background in business provides him an overall understanding of customer satisfaction and ability to motivate his team in every type of circumstances. 

    He has been one of the main reasons behind the continued success of the Nagpur Office, and they are surely going to miss him. 

    Let’s congratulate him on his new position! 


    Maya Awasthi, 


    Announcement Email Sample V

    Subject: Congratulations Raghav Rajan! 

    Hi All,  

    I am excited to announce that Raghav Rajan will be joining our team as the new Data Analyst from 12th April, 2023. 

    In the past 5 years, Raghav has been an active part of the Sales team and had many accomplishments. And, now he will be bringing his immense expertise in the new role. 

    If you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to reach the HR department and get your questions clarified about your new working relationship. 

    I hope you all will join me in wishing Raghav the best of luck and welcoming him as our new Data Analyst! 


    Rajesh Singh, 

    Team Leader. 

    Announcement Email FAQs 

    What is the easiest way to announce an internal promotion? 

    The easiest way to announce an internal promotion is by a personal meeting if it’s a small organization. You can use an internal promotion email if it’s a large organization. 

    Is it necessary to announce promotions? 

    Yes, it’s really important to announce promotions as it develops a positive work environment where the employees know that their hard work and dedication are valued. 

    When should you send an announcement mail? 

    An announcement mail should be sent when the employee has officially accepted the new role and all the other details like salary and job responsibilities have been finalized. 

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