Employee Internal Transfer Announcement Email Template 

An internal transfer is a procedure that takes place within a company with the consent of both the employee and the employer. And issuing an announcement email regarding the same helps the team to be aware and prepared for the transition.  

Here’s a template that will help you convey the message effectively: 

Subject: Internal Transfer Announcement for [Employee Name] 🏃‍♀

Hi Team,  

I am pleased to announce that [Employee Name] will be moving to [City/Area/Department] as [Designation of the Employee]. 

[Employee Name] has done an incredible job in [Previous Team/Department] for the last [years], assisting us in [Key Responsibilities and Accomplishments of the Employee]. Now, [he/she/they] will use their knowledge and experience to [Future Growth Plan/Responsibilities]. 

Please join me in applauding [Employee name] and wishing [him/her/them] all the best for the journey ahead. 




But the new role for the employee may come with changes in shift and performance goals. We’ll help you to ensure a smooth transition process with our seamless software that will get the work done for you! 🤩 

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