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Employee Promotion Email Template 

A promotion email is a communication provided to an employee by their employer when he or she is promoted to a higher position than their current one. It’s an official acknowledgement appreciating employees for their efforts. 

What is a promotion announcement? 

A promotion announcement is an email or a statement that congratulates an employee for advancing into a higher role and responsibilities. It appreciates an employee for their contributions and achievements so far and briefs them about their new role and responsibilities. 

How to write promotion announcement email? 

A promotion announcement email congratulates the promoted employee for reaching a new milestone in their career. It introduces the employee as per their new role and mentions major accomplishments so far. To write a promotion announcement email, you should: 

Congratulate the employee for being promoted 

This can be the subject line to the email. Make the email more personalized by mentioning the employee’s name when congratulating them. Also, consider mentioning the previous role and department the employee worked for. Instead of just introducing, show how much the company/team is excited for the employee to start a new career journey. 

Highlight their previous contributions to the company 

Display how much the employee is valued by talking about their achievements in previous role or department. If possible, give a brief story as to why the employee is being promoted while listing their accomplishments. 

Give a summary of their new role and responsibilities 

Describe the new responsibilities, whom they will be reporting to, the supervisors, department name, and the required contact information. 

Provide instructions to settle into their new role 

Mention the date the promoted employee will be moving into their new role and whom they should be contacting in case of any concerns. Consider attaching a modified contract about their new job role, compensation package, perks, etc., in the email. 

Close the email by encouraging other employees 

Encourage the employees to support and congratulate the promoted employee while also motivating them to work towards their career advancement. 

What to include in a promotion announcement email? 

A promotion announcement email honors the employee who has been promoted and informs the same to the staff. A promotion announcement email includes the following: 

  • How the committee has chosen the employee for the promotion. List the employee’s accomplishments and congratulate them on their new position. Don’t forget to thank them for their unwavering dedication to the company. 
  • A brief description of their previous role or department. Consider referring to their most recent major achievements. Be sure to mention their new role and how they transitioned from their old role to the new one. 
  • Give a summary of the promoted employee’s education, certification, or experience.  
  • Conclude the email by providing general instructions, if any, and encourage others to congratulate the promoted employee.  

Promotion Announcement Email Templates 

To make it easier for employers or businesses, we’ve created a format below for promotion emails: 

Subject: [Employee Name], The New [Job Position]💥

Dear [Employee Name], 

We are pleased to officially promote you to [Senior Account Manager / Team Leader] as of [date].  

Your modified contract, which includes your new job terms as well as your remuneration package and perks details are attached with the email. 

Please direct any inquiries to your new supervisor, [Supervisor Name], as you settle into your new role as [New Position] within the [Position Department]. [He/She] can be reached at [email address] or [phone number]. 

Enjoy this period of transition, and best wishes on your new position at [Company Name]. 



Subject: Congratulations, [Employee name]! You are the new [Job Position]! 

Greetings, everyone! 

We are excited to announce that [Employee Name] has been promoted from [Previous Job Position] to [New Job Position]! 

[Employee Name] has worked as a [Previous Job Position] for [Years] and made significant contributions to the success of the company. They have never failed to bring their valuable skill to the table and took on several responsibilities. No words are enough to express the commitment [Employee Name] has shown during crucial times. 

Recently, [Employee Name] has [list recent accomplishments]. As they step into their new role, they will proudly take on the responsibilities of: [list new responsibilities]. As a [Job Position], [Employee Name] will be joining the office from [Date] and will be reporting to [Name]. 

Best wishes to [Employee Name] on their exciting career journey! 



Subject: The new [Job Position]! 

Hello everyone, 

Let us congratulate and welcome [Employee Name] to our [Department Name] as the new [Job Position]! They will be joining on [Date] after [Years] of working as [Job Position]. As a [Job Position], they will be taking on the responsibilities of [list responsibilities]. 

[Employee Name] has [Years] of experience in [Field] and has achieved many great things. With their unwavering dedication and hard work, they accomplished [list achievements] in [Department Name]. 

Congratulations, [Employee Name]! We can’t wait to have you as part of our team, and we hope we achieve great things together. 

Best wishes, 


Subject: Welcoming the new [Job Position]! 

Hey all, 

We are excited to announce that [Employee Name] has been promoted to [Job Position]! Congratulations, [Employee Name], for your unfaltering loyalty and commitment to your work as [Job Position]!  

[Employee Name] has made notable achievements in the areas of [Examples]. They always step forward to pull us through rough times. We are overjoyed to have you as part of our team, [Employee Name]. We can’t wait to see you flourish as the [Job Position]. You will be shouldering the following responsibilities [list]. 

[Employee Name] will join the office from [Date] and will report to [Name]. Let’s congratulate [Employee Name] for all their hard work and support!  



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