Employee Promotion Email Template 

A promotion email is a communication provided to an employee by their employer when he or she is promoted to a higher position than their current one. It’s an official acknowledgement appreciating employees for their efforts. 

To make it easier for employers or businesses, we’ve created a format below for promotion emails: 

Subject: [Employee Name], The New [Job Position]💥

Dear [Employee Name], 

We are pleased to officially promote you to [Senior Account Manager / Team Leader] as of [date].  

Your modified contract, which includes your new job terms as well as your remuneration package and perks details are attached with the email. 

Please direct any inquiries to your new supervisor, [Supervisor Name], as you settle into your new role as [New Position] within the [Position Department]. [He/She] can be reached at [email address] or [phone number]. 

Enjoy this period of transition, and best wishes on your new position at [Company Name]. 



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