Remote Employee Onboarding Checklist

Table of Contents

    Making employees feel comfortable from the beginning, particularly during the onboarding phase, is crucial, as research has shown that 69 percent of employees would remain with a firm for a longer period of time if they have a positive onboarding experience.  

    The key to effectively onboard remote employees is to implement a robust onboarding strategy. This schedule should include all facets of the onboarding process, but most notably, it should contain benchmarks that can be used to track an employee’s progress through the process. 

    Use this HR checklist for onboarding remote employees to instruct new hires on their duties, business, and key policies. 

    • Order all the necessary equipment required for remote workers well in advance of their start date.  
    • Confirm that they have purchased the appropriate equipment for their job and, if necessary, request that the IT department assist them with setup. To get started, make sure new remote employees have the following: 
      • Laptop 
      • Keyboard 
      • Mouse 
      • Essential software and permissions 
    • Make sure to send them the welcome kit including: 
      • Good merchandise 
      • Welcome letter 
      • Welcome gift 
    • Make them a part of your organizational culture through: 
      • Presentations 
      • Videos 
      • Digital employee handbook and resources 
    • Set up communication channels to contact various teams or departments 
    •  Schedule meeting with the reporting manager and the team 
    • Schedule role-based training sessions 




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