Lime Concepts’ HR Evolution with Keka

Lime Concepts, a prominent distribution company with its headquarters in Dubai, operates throughout the GCC region, encompassing the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Karina Motwani Joseph

General Manager

We chose Keka HR because it provides a one-stop solution to address our growing HR needs. The software promised features like expense management, attendance tracking, payroll processing, and robust documentation capabilities, making it an ideal choice for our expanding workforce.

The big impact

  • The company was able to streamline attendance, empowering HRs with a dashboard to view attendance and leave data. 
  • Keka also integrated leave and attendance data with payroll for seamless processing and disbursement of salaries. 
  • The number of compliance issues was brought down, and automation saved the company efforts and time lost in manual operations. 







Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The management decided and facilitated the change

Time taken for decision

30 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Invest the time in strategic initiatives

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