Amromed integrates innovation with automation

Amromed LLC is a pioneer in providing healthcare billing solutions to physicians across the country. Never having used an HRMS before, manual handling of data on Excel led to errors in employee salaries, PF/ESI contributions, and tax filing. So, Amromed adopted Keka to fulfil the need for an HR solution that's self-sufficient, optimizes processes, and handles data requirements.


Director of Operations

We are always heard. Keka always goes for an extra mile by improving the product regularly with updates. Onboarding was impressive, and everything was well explained. Initially, we used to reach the support team on a few queries about the matrix and other things, and the responses were prompt and satisfactory. Now we have fewer questions to connect with the support team.

The big impact

This collaboration resulted in the following benefits for Amromed:  

  • Automated payroll workflow eliminated the manual process of calculating PF/ESI contributions and salaries.   
  • 23% Increase in productivity per quarter. 
  • Real-time data sync of attendance & leaves saved 26 hours in attendance management. 
  • With an intuitive UI, employees can easily file Income Tax return by themselves.




Chennai, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

Senior Management

Time taken for decision

45 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Concentrated on expansion of the organisation

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