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A world without paper is finally possible

Keka HR offers a complete document management system that helps you digitize every aspect of employee process. Store employee documents, company policies, issue letters, collect signatures. All in digital format.

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No joining paperwork

Collect onboarding documents in digital format

Keka Documents will take care of all pre-joining formalities digitally, such as collecting identity documents, degrees, certificates, previous experience letters, previous salary slips, etc. All the documents can be submitted digitally on the Keka candidate portal and can be accepted on the Keka HR portal.

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Collect On-boarding document easily with Keka's Onboarding Software with Keka HR Software

Employee documents

Track all employee documents in one place

Keka Documents provides a facility for employees to upload all their documents in a unified place, which can be viewed and verified by the HR team at centralized location.

Track all employee documents at 1 place

Generate letters

Create employee letters from predefined templates

With Keka documents, you can generate all types of employee letters digitally such as, appointment letter, promotion letter, increment letter, experience letter, probation extension letter, transfer letter, relieving letter etc. You can even send these letters to employees through the system.

Generate offer letter with predefined templates
Gurucharan Singh

Keka helped us increase our productivity with its meaningful analytics and great insights.

Gurucharan Singh Program Manager - HCM | one.com
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Keka helped us increase our productivity with its meaningful analytics and great insights.

Gurucharan Singh

Gurucharan Singh

Program Manager - HCM | one.com

HR Policies

Publish HR policies and get employee acknowledgment

You can publish the HR policies online and get e-acceptance from the employees. No need for verbal communications!

Publish HR policy and let employees view it

Digital signatures

Sign documents using digital signatures

With Keka documents, you don’t need to experience all the hassles of getting the documents manually signed. You can get all the documents digitally signed or incorporate your digital signature on all types of documents and then roll it out to the employees.

Digitally Sign your documents and made the work hassle free
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With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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