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10 Best Recruitment Blogs You Should Follow This Year

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If You’re A Recruiter Or HR Leader, Then It Is No Brainer For You That The Recruitment Space Is Constantly Evolving And Changing.

With niche skills more in-demand and employers shifting towards recruiting purpose-driven candidates, the key to hiring the right candidate lies with innovative recruiting strategies. But as a recruiter, how do you keep up with all the latest happenings around you?

Learning from reading books is one way for sure – but not adequate or even practical This is where blogs come into the picture. Reading relevant blogs is a great way to learn about the latest recruitment tips and hacks from awesome recruiters across the globe.

Since blogs are personal thoughts (mostly) of the writer, you can expect to find personal tips, tricks, and hacks that have worked for a fellow recruiter – just like you.

With so many blogs out there, how do you know which are the best recruitment blogs to follow? Since you cannot skim through all of them, Here’s a  hand-picked and curated list of ten best recruitment blogs that you should follow this year.

The Savage Truth

This blog has a great mix of videos, podcasts, and written content. On days when you’re not up for reading or simply don’t have the time, you can listen to the podcasts or watch any of the videos. The Savage Truth blog is managed by Greg Savage who has spent 37 years in recruitment. You will surely find some useful tips from him!

Social Hire

If this year you’re focusing on social recruitment, then this is the blog for you. You will find anything and everything you need to know about not just social media recruiting but also how to grow your business overall using social media The blog has detailed and well-researched articles that are contributed by their team and guest bloggers.

AngelList Blog

If you’re a start-up or an early-stage funding company, the AngelList Blog answers most of the questions that you may have around recruitment. Although the blog is not updated daily, the content there is evergreen and can be applied at any time.


KEKA covers almost all topics related to hiring and employer branding. Their blogs are well thought through with a healthy dose of information and tips that you can immediately incorporate into your recruitment strategy. Apart from blogs, they also offer other resources including case studies and white papers that make a good read.

Glassdoor Blog

If you’re looking for some crisp and actionable tips on recruitment, head on to the Glassdoor blog. This blog will give you super-practical information nuggets to help you build a winning employer brand.


This blog stands out among the rest in the crowded marketplace because of its diversity in selecting topics. Apart from recruitment, the blog also features topics around related subjects that are equally impactful.


From HR tech to employer branding to talent sourcing, Recruitee offers some great insights that you will find a good read.

Boolean Strings

This is a personal blog run by Irina Shameava, who is a well-known name in the world of sourcing. She shares her discoveries, sourcing skills, tips, and strategies regularly on her blog. Her blog is also a source of 300 best boolean search strings along with explanations.


One of the biggest recruitment players in the market Indeed puts up tons of useful content around recruitment on their blog. Being a recruitment platform, they have tons of data available with them which they beautifully use in most of their posts. With access to so much information and data points, this blog will contribute to shaping up your recruitment strategy.

LinkedIn Talent Blog

LinkedIn, the most popular professional social media platform has one of the best recruitment blogs. Their blog topics include recruitment trends, strategies, and tips. They have contributors from all over the world along with people inside LinkedIn. If you want to be at the top of the game, you can’t miss reading their blog.

Bookmark these awesome recruitment blogs now and let us know which one you liked the most? Have you put into work any of the tips that you learned from the blogs? We would love to know them!

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