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Work Anniversary Email Template 

It’s important to celebrate your employees or coworkers on their corporate anniversary, as well as other major and personal company milestones, just as it is to congratulate the people we care about on their birthdays.

Importance of celebrating work anniversary in employee’s life 

Work anniversaries remind employees that the company appreciates their work and contribution. They make sure that the employees feel cared for on their special days. This increases the bond the employee has with the company.  

Show how much the company the values them 

The main goal of celebrating work anniversaries is to remind employees that the company values them and appreciates their work as much as they did on day one. 

Reminisce the fun times 

Work anniversaries are the perfect times to remember all the fun memories, have some laughs, and remind themselves of all that they have accomplished over the years. 

Help build strong teams 

Work anniversaries help us remember the help and support received from an employee over the years. They are the perfect occasion to celebrate their support and achievements. 

Recognize contributions 

Work anniversaries are all about reminding the employee of the value he has brought to the success of the company. When done right, they remind employees that the company cares about them and remembers every effort the employee has put in. 

Improve employee retention 

When an employee feels cared for, the bond he has with the company and the team strengthens. If the company commemorates the day with a gift or by showing appreciation, the employee is more likely to continue working with the company. 

How to write a work anniversary email? 

Choose your approach  

Write the email with authenticity as it shows sincerity. A personalized email will be fine as well. You can choose to send a gift or just an email if it’s more appropriate. 

Congratulate the employee 

Begin by congratulating the employee for being a part of the company. Remind them of the journey in the organization so far. Talk about how much you value their presence in the organization in just a few words. 

Talk about their contributions 

The employee will feel recognized and rewarded if you take a moment to talk about their specific contributions to the company. This makes the employees feel appreciated for their success. Talk about their contributions over a period in the email. 

Conclude with a thank you 

After talking about their contributions and acknowledging them, end the email by congratulating them again. Make sure to thank them for being a part of the company to have a proper closing. Add your name and signature at the end of the email. 

Format along with 5 sample templates

Finding the right words of gratitude and delivering them to your colleagues can be time-consuming and difficult. But don’t worry, we are here to help you draft a perfect anniversary email with the template below:

Work anniversary email format I

Subject: Celebrating Your [year] Work Anniversary🥂

Dear [Employee Name],

Congratulations! You’ve been with the [Company Name] for [Number of Years] this month. You have made a significant contribution to our department’s success during your time with us, notably in the area of [Related Employee Function], where you have always been a mentor who others could follow. We appreciate your unwavering commitment and hard work.

A gift certificate is enclosed to encourage you in celebrating this fantastic milestone. We wish you joy and prosperity today and, in the years, to come with us.


[Company Name]

Work anniversary email format II

Subject line: Happy work anniversary! 

Greeting: Dear [employee name] 

Opening line: Congratulations! Today marks the day you joined [company name] and chose to be a part of us. Happy work anniversary.  

Body: You have been an integral part of [company name], and it’s been an honor working with you for [number of years]! Thank you for all your hard work and the contributions you have made. We hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we enjoyed having you here. It would be a pleasure to continue working with you in the future. 

Again, congratulations on [number of work years]. We are so happy to have you on the team. 

Ending: Sincerely, [Sender’s name] 

Signature: [Signature] 

Work anniversary email template III

Subject: A milestone in your career! 

Dear [employee name], 

Happy work anniversary, [employee name]! It has been [years] working with you and they have been especially memorable because we had you. Without your presence, we wouldn’t have been able to reach where we are today. Today, we want to celebrate the [years] of hard work and commitment you have put into this company. Every contribution of yours is counted and every hard work unparalleled. We are much obliged to you for the dedication you have put into this company. We hope you enjoyed your [years] working here as much as we have enjoyed having you here.  

Once again, we congratulate you for reaching this milestone in your career! We thank you for [years] of unwavering commitment to us. 


[Sender’s name] 


Work anniversary email template IV 

Subject: A look back at what you have accomplished 

Greetings, [employee]! 

This is to remind you that you have delivered the best to the company for [years] and we appreciate each minute you have put in. We wish you a happy work anniversary, [employee name]! You have been an awesome addition to the team in terms of memories, hard work, and effort. We value the dedication and skill you bring to the table, and we hope you continue to do so in the future.  

We thank you for choosing to stay with us and being a valuable part of this journey. Congratulations for being the best co-worker around! 


[Sender’s name] 


Work anniversary email template V

Subject: Celebrating your [year] working anniversary! 

To the most talented person, 

We are so happy to have you here for [years]. We wish you a happy work anniversary, [employee name/designation]. This day [year] ago we came across a very skilled and amazing person. We want to thank you for everything you have done so far for [company name] and the team. Words alone are not enough to express the commitment and hard work you have put in throughout the years. With your expertise, we have been able to achieve the impossible and we value your efforts.  

With the best compliments on your [year] anniversary, we hope to celebrate more fantastic years of working together. Once more, happy work anniversary! 


[Sender’s name] 


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