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  • Awesome UI for you
  • Your data is more secure
  • Handy analytics and downloadable reports


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  • Tedious backend configurations
  • Modules are not interlinked
  • Obsolete system, absence of advanced features

How do we support your success?

awesome ui

Awesome UI

Experience employee centric user interface, swift navigations and insightful analytics

Frequent Product Updates

Continued upgradation in features and processes will make your automation journey comfortable

Seamless Integration

Automate workflows with most often used tools, with quick API integrations

Attendance Management

Keka gamifies the time tracking and gives a beautiful interface for employees to monitor their time, so your managers do not have to do the micro management!


Real time attendance synchronization

Real time attendance synchronization of attendance logs happen in Keka

Attendance sync takes a lot of time

Ease of sync with Biometric devices

Keka syncs with 200+ biometric device manufacturers

Greythr has sync issues with majority of biometric devices

API for custom attendance log integration

Full API integration

Offers API integration with limitations

Elaborative GPS based mobile tracking

No, it is not available

IP network-based login



Leave Management

Leave management is so boring. Not with Keka anymore. Keka takes away all the mundane burden out and leaves a delightful experience for you


Leave planner

Every manager, department head has leave planner according to their assigned leave policy

A rudimentary version of leave planner is available

Approval of requests on email

Leaves can be approved over emails


Application and approval from mobile app

Leaves can be handled completely from mobile


Other Important Features

Keka is all you need to build a good to great company. From automation of people processes to creating an engaged and driven culture



Keka has an add-on of intuitive and cost-effective timesheet management system


Engagement and Continuous Feedback

Engagement and continuous feedback is available to nurture your people

They have few options

Performance Management System



Auto Expense Calculator



Expense Approval from Mobile App



Recruitment system (ATS)

Yes, Keka has well defined recruitment system


Asset Inventory

You can manage asset inventory and download reports


Product Upgradation

Frequent product updates

Their product is saturated, and no frequent product updates

Employee Onboarding

In depth and detailed onboarding module

Very Basic

Editable Employee Profile

Employees can edit their profile and may require approval from HR as well

Employees cannot edit their profile

Exit Approval Workflow



Setup Configuration

Editable from frontend

Can be edited from backend only

Shift Board



Security Aspects

ISO, SOC2 and GDPR compliant

ISO certified only

We are always there for you!

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Have been using GreytHR at client’s end, but Keka seems much easier. Simple yet attractive user interface and important details are visible on the dashboard. I find it unique and personally feel very proud to have encountered a company like this in this segment

Have been using GreytHR at client’s end, but Keka seems much easier. Simple yet attractive user interface and important details are visible on the dashboard. I find it unique and personally feel very proud to have encountered a company like this in this segment

- Decode Protocol


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Frequently asked questions

Keka's streamlined wizards and self-explanatory workflows speed up the implementation process. Some clients get onboarded without any support. But our Implementation consultants are here to guide you to be self-dependent on handling Keka on your own.

Keka is a highly customizable platform, and the sheer amount of features and importing prior data and validating it easily can overwhelm any first-timer. Most customers find our guided onboarding process a time saving and learning experience. Our guided configuration of Payroll, import of employee information, and past month salary information, costs a nominal setup fee.

You can cancel your Keka account at any time with no fees and there is no lock-in period. If you should decide to cancel, please understand we’re unable to offer prorated refunds. Your account will remain active until the end of the current billing period and you won’t be charged further.

The out of the box implementation of Keka comes with salary structures that are employee-friendly. In addition, we can also help set up your compliance for Payroll. There is no additional fee for this and it is covered in the setup fee. We can also recommend policies related to leaves, attendance, and other HR operations, but we strongly advise that you configure these to suit your business needs. We can always fill in with guidance.

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