And I am sure that you wouldn’t agree more that this future of work has arrived much earlier than anticipated! The businesses across the globe have made a dramatic shift to remote working in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every organization is looking for ways to openly embrace this culture and make the most out of it. While exploring challenges that arose after this transition, one of the most common concerns I encountered is how to sustain productivity in this remote work environment. Is that bothering you as well? If yes, then you should read further as I am going to provide you the most effective solution to get this sorted.

Is Technology The Key To Resolve Your Employee Productivity Affair?

The pandemic situation has brought a plethora of changes, not just for the organization but for your employees as well. No doubt that your employees are working tirelessly to ensure business efficiency, but then it becomes very significant to you as an HR to identify and track their efforts. And how would you do that?

Did you ever think that software can pull you out of this problem? Many organizations are opting for a Remote Employee Productivity tool to track and monitor employee efficiency to keep up the pace with this remote work environment.  It not just gives visibility to managers into their team’s productivity but also enables employees to track the time spent on each task.

No one had anticipated this unprecedented time and the challenges that accompany it! But this productivity tracker comes to your rescue and makes it seamless to manage your remote employees and business efficiently.

Way To Find Your Best Productivity Tool

It is obvious that you may want a pertinent tool to track your employee productivity as it enables you to monitor the status of work and ascertain the future roadmap to effectively attain the set goals for the quarter. “But then, how would I end up with choosing the best productivity tracking tool for my organization?”, you may have this question in mind. To answer this question, I have brought some of the key features that every best productivity tracker in the market is ought to own. Your employees, too, will be delighted to discover these intriguing features in the product. Let’s quickly dive into it:

Employee Privacy Protection

Employees can be entitled to have the authority of whether to share the screenshots with the managers. You should be able to enable or disable this feature for your preferred set of employees.

Ensure employee data privacy by recording the amount of time spent on the website and hiding the address.

Employee Wellness

Notify employees to take a break if they stick for too long with the system.

Evidence Collection

An essential feature is to be able to capture screenshots at random intervals. Managers should have clear visibility through analytics about time spent and tools accessed by their teams.

The tool must be able to capture and monitor multiple tabs that are currently functioning on your employees’ screens.

Integration With Existing Tools

The tool should either be a part of or share information with the existing work tools. This ensures that the data from this tool can be mapped against disciplinary or performance parameters.

If these features still did not tempt you, then I am sure that the benefits you reap from it, definitely will! Here are four more reasons that will make it difficult for you to resist falling for it!

Your Employee Productivity Remains Untamed!

We are under the circumstances which none of us could have foreseen in any way! Therefore, it becomes even more critical for you as an HR leader to set up a clean and feasible remote working environment.

With a productivity tracker, you will not just monitor employees on their engagement with work but also ensure that they are not burdened with work and are able to take a break when needed. Screenshots will enable you to record and anticipate if your employees are at their productive best.

If the case is otherwise, you can identify the challenges coming in their way and empower them with your support. Whether it’s the workplace or remote working environment, the role you play will be the same. What changes is the way you carry it! And this tool will certainly help you put your best foot forward.

Enhance Manager-Employee Relationship

Managers now will have more visibility into their team and will be well-informed about the progress in the project. This visibility may also allow them to foresee any challenges they may encounter in the near future and start preparing for it.

On the other hand, employees will feel more confident as their managers already have evidence of their effort towards achieving the pre-determined goals. Managers can focus on enabling conversations rather than “managing” or “stock-taking” conversations.

Promote Employee Self-Accountability

By providing a mechanism for employees to keep track of their own use of time, you’re enabling employees to optimize. They can make choices of their activities based on evidence and perhaps correct behaviors that reduce productivity.

Taking timely breaks is essential for long term productivity and employee wellness. Tools that raise alarms for the same, whether it’s a water break or a get-up and stretch break, these inbuilt nudges convey empathy.

Firm but fair approaches instill a lot of trust in employees and often result in a more aware and mature workforce.

A Transparent Remote Work Culture

A Remote Employee Productivity Tracker plays a vital role in facilitating a transparent remote culture across the organization. When your managers, as well as your employees, have visibility over their work, it makes it easier for everyone to track the progress and keep up with the deadlines.

Managers will no longer need to push or poke employees regarding the goals as the productivity tracker will act as a reminder for them to be accountable enough towards their job. Similarly, employees will not need to justify their work as the screenshots will be the evidence to support and empower them.

Bottom Line

You need to have a pragmatic approach as the employees are still struggling to adjust to the virtual work environment. Whether it’s our tools, processes, or functions, everything has gone through a wave of transformation. This Remote Employee Productivity Tracker allows you to swiftly fit into this environment and make it an effortless journey for the company.

Time and again, there has been a lot of software in the market that ensures accurate employee monitoring and productivity tracking. But the ones that give employees the authority and control over their data privacy and care for their wellbeing are very rare to find. And one such product that promises to create an awesome remote work culture for your organization with the vision of empowering employees, as well as the organization, is, Remote Employee Productivity Tracker from Keka HR.