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    What is PPC Advertising? Who is a PPC Manager?

    PPC (Pay per Click) advertising is a popular form of digital marketing. It is a mechanism wherein advertisers incur costs when users click on their ads. The most distinctive feature of PPC is that it gives instantaneous results. PPC advertising gives marketers results as soon as their ads go live. Thus, a robust PPC marketing campaign has many benefits. It facilitates quick lead generation and increases conversion. Moreover, a well-thought-out PPC promotion strategy also helps businesses reach their goals.


    So, for an organization to ace its ‘PPC game,’ hiring the right PPC Manager becomes essential. A PPC (Pay per Click) Manager handles paid ad campaigns for a company. They ensure that the brand’s online marketing efforts achieve fruition. The responsibility of a PPC Manager is to attract the highest ROI per promotion campaign. The daily duties of a PPC manager include the following –


    • Designing and building PPC campaigns- It involves thorough keyword research and bidding. Besides, audience targeting, ad design, etc., are also important.
    • Monitoring a PPC campaign– It is done by navigating paid ad platforms, networks, and software. PPC Managers also have to manage the campaign budget and profitability.
    • Analyzing and optimizing PPC customers– It involves adjusting keywords and changing audience-targeting parameters. They must experiment with different ad copies, etc.
    • Identifying conversion rate optimization (CRO) opportunities– It is essential to improve campaign performance.
    • Collaborating with team members and marketing experts– Partnerships help deliver and execute complex multi-channel campaigns.


    Top PPC Manager Interview Questions


    To rope in the right PPC Manager, recruiters must prepare a questionnaire. It should have questions that judge a candidate’s potential for a PPC manager’s role. The questionnaire should be divided into situational/operational, role-specific, and behavioral questions. Such a division ensures that the candidates are evaluated properly. Likewise, the candidate must have hard and soft skills to get the job.


    For instance, they should have a working knowledge of statistics. Other important skills include copywriting, time management, eCommerce abilities, and more. Some questions that can help a Hiring Manager rope in the right candidate are –

    Operational and situational questions for hiring a PPC Manager

    1. Why have you chosen PPC as a career?

    It is an excellent question to start the interview. It is relevant for all PPC Managers, irrespective of their experience. The question helps the recruiter see if the candidate has a genuine interest in digital marketing. It also reveals their enthusiasm for online advertising. The right candidate will display aspiration and zeal in their answers.

    While evaluating the applicant’s response, the recruiter should look for –

    • Honesty

    • Practicality, such as high demand or rising scope in the field

    • Passion

    2. What are your favorite methods to increase ad traffic?

    Candidate must have robust technical knowledge of ad trafficking strategies. Thus, the question enables the hiring manager to assess a candidate’s skills vis-à-vis the development implementation of different systems in an ad campaign. It helps them analyze the applicant’s real talents.

    While evaluating the candidate’s response, the Hiring Manager should look for –

    • Examples from previous experience

    • Mention of different analytical tools

    • A well-thought-out ad trafficking strategy


    3. Can you explain how you would review an ad campaign’s performance?

    Every PPC manager requires the support of stakeholders in product management, finance, etc., for success. The applicant may know the A to Z of a PPC campaign. But what matters is if they can review the campaign’s performance and earn the stakeholders’ support.

    While evaluating the candidate’s answer, the recruiter should check how the candidate determines –

    • Which metrics matter

    • Who has access to view particular metrics?

    • What is presented to the client and why


    4. What do you do when you realize a PPC ad campaign is underperforming?

    The question helps the Hiring Manager check the problem-solving capabilities of the candidate. It provides a peek into the candidate’s reaction when things do not go as planned. Success is often determined by how well a person adapts to a situation when things go haywire. Thus, the question is essential to check the patience and composure of a person for a hectic job like a PPC Manager.

    Similar inquiries can follow the above question –

    • How do you alert the client or stakeholder and give them a heads-up?

    • How do you communicate about course correction?

    • What steps do you undertake for damage control?

    Role-specific Interview Questions to Hire a PPC Manager


    1. How do you mix Adwords with PPC?

    The question helps the hiring manager grasp the applicant’s knowledge and experience when integrating major advertising platforms, such as AdWords. The applicant’s answer should be descriptive. It should include examples of how PPC and AdWords integration can help achieve specific objectives.


    2. What is the significance of backlinking?

    A PPC Manager must have robust knowledge and experience in backlinking. The question enables the recruiter to understand the candidate’s knowledge, expertise, and experience in backlinking – a crucial SEO technique.

    The candidate should define backlinking. They should also outline its significance and state recent trends regarding the strategy. Finally, the best response includes an example from a past project. It should show how they used backlinking to improve a website’s SERP and optimization.

    3. What are your strategies for improving PPC conversion rates?

    The question is great for candidates of all experience levels. It helps the recruiter assess the applicant’s ability to achieve the key objectives of a PPC campaign. The goal of a project usually includes gaining customers’ attention. Besides, it can also include customer acquisition through advertisements and various methods.

    While evaluating the applicant’s answer, the Hiring Manager should look for –

    • Examples from previous experience

    • Critical thinking Capabilities

    • Decision-making skills

    • Problem-solving skills

    4. What is your experience with negative keywords?

    The question enables the recruiter to understand the candidate’s experience with PPC management. Thus, the interviewee’s answer should include theoretical knowledge. In addition, it should also have examples from previous projects wherein they used negative keywords effectively.


    Behavioral Interview Questions to Hire a PPC Manager

    1. Have you used your expertise to help a company’s content rank higher in search engines? If yes, how?

    It is an excellent behavioral question for candidates with intermediate-level expertise. It enables the hiring manager to examine how the applicant approaches lead generation. It also reveals how the applicant increases conversions using various tactics. Besides, the question allows the recruiter to test the tangible achievements of the applicant. It also reveals the candidate’s understanding of PPC campaigns.

    While evaluating the applicant’s response, the Hiring Manager should look for the:-

    • Awareness of organic and paid results

    • Knowledge of different ranking methods

    • How the candidate used other ranking methods to achieve the desired result

    • Mentions of words like Meta tags, keyword-focused blogs, and backlinking

    • Concrete numbers of their previous PPC successes

    2. What would you do if a client challenged your PPC ad campaign?

    Situations, where a client challenges a PPC Manager’s ideas, or campaigns are common. Thus, analyzing how a candidate reacts when something similar happens at work is important. While answering the question, the candidate should have a calm, respectful, and understanding approach. They should explain how they would handle the client’s reservations. Besides, they should know how to put forward their stance about the campaign.

    Some of the things to look out for in the candidate’s response are

    • The candidate’s stance on the campaign should be backed by metrics or data, and not emotions

    • The candidate should be able to think on their feet

    • They should not get defensive easily

    • They should not be dismissive of the client’s concerns

    3. How do you track the performance of clients you led in the past? Do you have a strategy for distributing responsibilities?

    It is a great behavioral question. Its relevance is the greatest for candidates with considerable experience. The question is complex. It can help grasp the applicant’s hard and soft skills. It allows the hiring manager to gauge the applicant’s leadership skills. It reveals how well the applicant can manage a team, meet deadlines, and deliver quality work.

    The right PPC Manager possesses a combination of hard and soft skills. Thus, knowing about metrics, analytics, and ads is not enough. The candidate must demonstrate stellar organizational and time management skills.


    While evaluating the candidate’s answer, the recruiter should look for –

    • A description of the applicant’s personalized task management process

    • Communication techniques of team expectations

    • Goal-setting and progress-tracking techniques

    • Task prioritization

    4. How do you educate a client about PPC?

    It is unrealistic to expect every client to have a robust knowledge of PPC. However, it is not the job of the PPC manager to teach clients how to run ad campaigns. Instead, they must convince the client to approve a good-enough budget for an effective campaign. And this is possible only if the PPC manager can induce confidence in the client via knowledge dissemination.

    In addition, a client well-versed in PPC makes a better long-term partner. Thus, the candidate’s answer should explain how they would convince the client about the different concepts in PPC.


    While evaluating the candidate’s answer, the applicant’s answer should reflect the –

    • Robust technical knowledge

    • Communication skills

    • Convincing abilities

    • Command over language

    • Prompt thinking

    Additional PPC Manager Interview Questions


    After a comprehensive PPC Manager Interview questions overview, it is time to wrap up the article with additional questions.


    • How do you detect click fraud?

    • How do you determine which terms to bid on?

    • What would you check first if you saw a significant drop in weekly rankings?

    • What features would you use to build an effective landing page?

    • Describe a time when you worked with a team to create a PPC campaign on a tight budget

    • How do you calculate Click-through Rate (CTR)?

    • Which campaigns would you prioritize if we had to drop our budget by half?

    Final word


    PPC Manager Interview questions help a recruiter identify candidates with vital skills. They also enable filtering candidates with sound judgment and communication skills. Preparing a questionnaire that analyses the interviewee’s analytical abilities is key. The questions should also test the applicant’s abilities to devise a great PPC campaign.


    The questions mentioned above enable a hiring manager to test a candidate for the vacancy of a PPC Manager. Thus, they can rope in the finest candidates. By making the right hire, one is assured of a company’s success and growth.

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