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Performance Review Checklist

According to a survey, 69% of employees have said that they would work harder if their efforts were praised. This underlines the importance of a performance review process and the value it holds in increasing the productivity of your company in general.

Everyone likes to be appreciated for the work they do. Sometimes, a simple word of praise can go a long way in motivating an employee to do better in his role. Performance reviews held semi-annually are excellent mediums to highlight the importance of an employee in the organization through the work he/she is doing and the possible ways to up the game.

Some employees dodge responsibilities while some work their ass off to bring value to the organization. Performance reviewing sessions are the times when such people can be identified and sacked or promoted based on their progress.

We have curated a list of things to focus on before you go about with your performance review.

  • Set a date for the evaluation.
  • Ask the employee to complete a self-evaluation, if required.
  • Allot sufficient time for the meeting
  • Prepare a list of expectations to discuss
  • Discuss
    • Employee’s primary responsibilities; ensure accuracy with the current job description.
    • How those responsibilities relate to the overall objectives.
    • Possible ways to improve individual and unit-level performance.
  • Discuss employee’s
    • Strength areas
    • Areas for growth
  • Review
    • Significant accomplishments from the past year, review previous annual goals.
    • Organizational objectives
  • Discuss
    • Possible barriers to ineffective work performance and job satisfaction in the past year.
    • Long term career goals and development needs to achieve them
  • Plan employee goals for the next review period.
  • Identify work-related goals.
  • Ask employee about undocumented contributions to the unit.
  • Ask employee about obstacles toward progress.
  • Verify employee has resources to accomplish his goals
  • Listen to the employee, notice his body language
  • Complete Performance Review form.
  • Leave open room for negotiations
  • Be ready to make tough decisions
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