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New Hire Training Checklist

Onboarding new hires is the best time to attract and engage them, establish your company as the source for them to grow, and increase your retention rates. As per a Deloitte survey, 45% of millennials leave their job within 2 years of joining. A right onboarding plan can help you dodge these numbers.

The first few days into the company are the most critical and vulnerable for the new hire as they determine the employee experience for the rest of the time to follow. Creating an employee training program can help you reap the benefits from his/her skills much sooner. This can also help showcase why a long-term collaboration with your company is advantageous to them.

To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of things to check to ensure you provide a positive employee experience from the start:

  • Draft an agenda for the first day as per his/her role
    • Demos
    • One on one meetings
  • Set up corporate email IDs, communication tools, company software, HRMS
  • Determine who will be training the new hire
  • Introduce him/her to the specific trainers/mentors and team mates
  • Schedule introductory calls with the new hire and team
  • Prepare a list of things to be included as part of the training
  • Determine
    • Training period
    • Salary for this period
    • Working days and hours
    • Leaves
  • Get done with paperwork quickly
  • Provide insight into company’s
    • Origin story
    • Objectives
    • Core values
    • Mission
    • Policies
  • Inform about:
    • Workplace rules
    • Remote work requirements, if required
    • Performance review process
  • Provide:
    • Laptop
    • Mouse
    • Monitor
    • Keyboard
    • Welcome Kit
    • Employee handbook
    • WLAN passwords
    • Other necessary equipment
  • Explain:
    • Role-specific tools
    • Typical workday scenario
    • Helpful resources
    • Role of each team member and the new hire’s task relevancy to them
  • Provide required software training
  • Set aside time for the new hire to ask questions
  • Ask new hires to review and sign non-disclosure/confidentiality or any required documents/contracts
  • Describe list of benefits, if any.
  • Provide security training one and three months after joining date
  • Measure the efficacy of your program
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