Marketing Intern Interview Questions 

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    Marketing interns are usually recent graduates from the certain marketing-related field. These students are desperate for job experience. Your job is to choose the most promising candidates who are able to put in extra effort to achieve their career goals. The ideal candidate for your organization will assist you at different stages of a project.

    Once you include these marketing internship questions provided below in your interview process, it will surely help you find the perfect fit!

    • Why did you choose marketing as a major?
    • How has your education prepared you for this position?
    • What drew you to our business for an internship?
    • Describe your post-graduate career objectives.
    • Have you previously interned, and if so, what applications or social media sites did you use?
    • What marketing expertise do you have in general, and especially in social media marketing? What piques your interest in it?
    • What other positions at our company pique your curiosity, and how do you want to take the opportunity to learn more about them in order to pave the foundations for a future in marketing?
    • Marketing jobs aren’t just about having fun. How do you deal with the ones that aren’t so fun and that you don’t want to do?
    • Tell us about your educational background and major program. What are your preferred subjects, and how do you use them in marketing?
    • What would you do if you decided to assist a marketing coordinator with an administrative project but later received an urgent assignment from your immediate supervisor?
    • Would you like to work on the creative or strategic aspects of marketing projects?
    • Writing promotional emails for use in our campaigns is part of the job. Tell me about any of the marketing emails you get and whether they are beneficial or not.
    • At promotional events, do you feel comfortable engaging with clients and demonstrating goods or services?
    • Do you have any experience running reports and analyzing data using the formula functions of spreadsheet applications?
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