Job Requisition Checklist

Table of Contents

    Job requisition is the first step to curate the requirement of a new employee that can bring enhanced productivity in the company. Make sure your justification for the role is clear and convincing enough for the higher management authorities to understand that the new hire will provide a net gain for the business.

    As you work towards filling up a vacant position or creating a new position, the checklist below will assist you in curating the job requisition, allowing you to submit a request faster with all the necessary details.

    • Mention:
      • Position’s title
      • Job description
      • Department
      • Hiring manager
    • Job details:
      • Shift type
      • Full time/Partly/Intern/Contract
      • Remote/In-office
      • Temporary/Permanent
      • Hours per week/Weeks per year
      • Expected joining date
    • Reason for recruitment
    • Replacement/New Hire/Reallocation
    • Name of the person being replaced
    • Any change in duties
    • Justification to the changes in the job description
    • Current CTC
    • Suggested salary range
    • Nature of the interview
      • Walk-in/Internal hiring/Social media post
    • Details of
      • where the vacancy advertisement will be posted
      • who needs to approve the job requisition

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