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HR Assistant Job Description Template

We are looking for HR Assistants with outstanding interpersonal skills. As an HR assistant, you will be expected to assist in a variety of HR-related operations and projects.

Your role will include assisting day to day operations within the Human Resources Department.  You will be passively and actively involved in the recruitment and onboarding process by coordinating and communicating interview protocols with managers. You will also be required to coordinate with the training schedules.

A major part of your job will also include maintaining employee profiles, general maintenance, and organization of HR Records and preserving the confidentiality of information.


  • Maintaining and organizing an updated database of the employees of the organization.
  • Assisting and coordinating the recruitment process.
  • Assisting the onboarding process for new employees.
  • Maintaining and keeping a track of employee grievance redressal system.
  • Assisting with the paperwork and documentation during employee termination.
  • Assisting with documentation of payroll and administering employee benefits.
  • Assisting in providing conflict resolution between employees and company executives regarding special permissions, benefits, and payments, etc
  • Assisting in employee welfare activities such as outdoor events, internal celebrations and recreational activities.
  • Maintaining necessary travel arrangements for employees travelling on office duty.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum {X} years of relevant experience.
  • Bachelors/ Masters degree with a specialization in HR.
  • Multitasking, organizing and reporting skills.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Well versed with MS Office and SAP.

HR Assistant job description


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