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Finance OKR Examples

The finance department can be the biggest ally for founders, business owners, and CEOs. Finance departments have to assess and gauge the expenses, revenue, and cash flow of the company as a whole. Consequently, they have to be accountable for analyzing the financial health of individual departments too.

Accurate record-keeping is an extremely crucial requirement too for the finance department. The department which accounts for profitability and revenue for the entire business demands utmost scrutiny.

This process is made simpler with OKRs. Finance departments are great candidates for the implementation of an OKR due to the requirement of extensive number crunching.

For the finance department setting team, goals can be tricky since it is not always clear how specific goals connect to the growth of the organization. They are often focused on managing cash flows or containing costs. For the financial goals to succeed it is necessary to be able to connect them to the broader trajectory of what the company is trying to do.

With the help of the OKRs, it becomes possible to join the dots between the bigger strategic goals of the company, the operational goals of the team, and the individual goals of employees.

Sample OKRs For Finance Department For Larger Organisations And Start-Ups

Objective – Create The Financial Strategy For The Next 3 Years

Key Result 1: Finalize budget by Q4 of ___________(current financial year)
Key Result 2: Raise Rs _________(amount of money) as seed funding by the end of the current financial year


Objective – Establish A Network Of Venture Capitalists(VC) To Assist Funding

Key Result 1: Set up meetings with atleast 80 VCs by end of Q3 of current financial year

Key Result 2: Hold active discussions with 25 VCs by Q4 of current financial year


Objective – Finalize Budget For The Next Financial Year By Q4

Key Result 1: Meet all department heads to discuss the needs for the coming financial year in the beginning of Q4
Key Result 2: Identify loss areas and reduce unnecessary expenses by atleast 70%
Key Result 3: Analyze market conditions and forecast budget by last week of Q4


Objective – Identify Which Company Products Are In Profitability In The Current Financial Year And The Reasons For The Same

Key Result 1: Compare with competitor’s products to arrive at the price difference by the end of Q2
Key Result 2: Create a comparative chart of all the products of the company and determine which are the products with the highest saleability based on sales in Q1 and Q2 by the end of Q3


Objective – Increase The Efficiency Of The Bookkeeping Process

Key Result 1: Utilize advanced tools and techniques to eliminate errors
Key Result 2: Identify and hire qualified bookkeepers to keep up with the ever changing compliance norms

Key Result 3: Present a monthly report to avoid loss of data


Objective – Create And Finalize The Accounts Payable Report By The End Of Q4

Key Result 1: Finish reviewing and approving departmental expenditures by the end of the following week
Key Result 2: Reduce redundant expenditures by 85% by the end of the quarter
Key Result 3: Review and complete compensation agreements by the end of the quarter


Objective – Reduce Expenditure From Rs ___(Amount) To Rs ____ (Amount) By Q4 Of Current Financial Year

Key Result 1: Identity departments and processes where repeated losses have been in occuring in Q1 and Q2
Key Result 2: Suggest at least 2 methods for reducing expenditure in those departments
Key Result 1: Identity departments and processes where repeated losses have been in occuring in Q1 and Q2


Objective – Reduce Tax Liability

Key Result 1: Increase tax-advantaged investment from 70% to 100%
Key Result 2: Decrease current liabilities from 40% to 25% by the end of Q3
Key Result 3: Decrease depreciation cost from 40% to 60%


Objective – Interact With All Departments To Achieve Indicated Financial Results

Key Result 1: Complete presentations to all departments by first month of Q1 to indicate current financial plan
Key Result 2: Interact with department heads regarding the budget for the upcoming year to discuss any issues/ roadblocks in the budget by the end of 2nd month of Q2
Key Result 3: Reduce logistics cost by 25%
Key Result 4: Bring down purchase costs by 10%


Objective – Complete Accurate Financial Reports

Key Result 1: Compile and deliver financial information to 3rd party consultants
Key Result 2: Review internal audit for process accuracy and optimization
Key Result 3: Coordinate with department heads for revenue projections.
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