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    Measuring performance is an important aspect of any organisation and goals are important to measure and track employee performance, as well as provide motivation for employees since its results are available at shorter intervals. OKRs are therefore extremely essential to ascertain goal setting and achievement. OKRs can be applied across all departments of an organisation, the engineering team being no exception.

    When building a product for growth, using Engineering OKRs is a great way to provide focus and align priorities with the rest of the company. Software development is an extremely dynamic environment. Therefore setting OKRs for the Engineering team can balance the limitless aspects of innovation with the ensuing constraints to ensure that the teams’ creativity can yield tangible outcomes consistently.

    Sample OKRs For Engineering Team

    Software Engineer

    Objective – Improve The Overall Performance Of The Application Developed

    Key Result 1: Reduce the number of bugs by 10%
    Key Result 2: Achieve 30% reduction in run time warnings

    Key Result 3: Increase stability of performance from 25% to 35%

    Objective – Improve Procedure For Testing

    Key Result 1: Increase unit test coverage to 75% of code
    Key Result 2: Revisit all open issues from 6 months and reduce the number by 10%
    Key Result 3: Limit the number of bugs reported by end-users per release to 3

    Technical Architect

    Objective – Monitor The Smooth Working Of The Company’s Computer Network

    Key Result 1: Check and update company software every fortnight
    Key Result 2: Reduce start up time by ___ seconds
    Key Result 3: Reduce the number of technical issues by 10%
    Key Result 4: Introduce atleast one new innovation every quarter to the existing technology

    Product Manager

    Objective – Increase Quality Of Releases And Ensure They Maintain Timelines

    Key Result 1: Ensure that there are 2 or less bugs during production release
    Key Result 2: Increase unit test coverage from ___% to ___%
    Key Result 3: No releases to go beyond the planned date of release


    Objective – Increase Efficiency Of QA Process

    Key Result 1: No critical bugs to be open 1 week before release date
    Key Result 2: Improve testing coverage from ___% to ___%

    Key Result 3: Discover atleast ____ bugs every month

    Objective – Implement 0 Bugs Policy

    Key Result 1: Ensure 0 critical issues on production
    Key Result 2: Write detailed report for every high severity issue found during production

    Chief Technical Officer

    Objective – Launch The New Project Architecture

    Key Result 1: Design 3 tests with QA team
    Key Result 2: Ensure that all contributing teams have maintained records of the processes
    Key Result 3: Upgrade database and complete data migration

    Network Administrator

    Objective – Increase Infrastructure Reliability

    Key Result 1: Maintain up to date software so as to increase productivity by 30%
    Key Result 2: Reduce break down during peak hours by 75%
    Key Result 3: Conduct training programs every 6 months to educate employees regarding best practices in infrastructure configuration

    Cyber security engineer

    Objective – Increase Data Security

    Key Result 1: Reduce occurrences of data breach to zero
    Key Result 2: 100% data recovery due to daily backup of critical data
    Key Result 3: 50% decrease in data migration and backup time

    Objective – Improve Company’s (Cyber) Security

    Key Result 1: Ensure 100% attendance of staff for security awareness training
    Key Result 2: 50% increase in security using new protocol for addressing product security issues
    Key Result 3: Implement a new antivirus system across the company

    VP Engineer

    Objective – Build World Class Engineering Teams

    Key Result 1: Hire ___ new engineers by end of quarter of ____(year)
    Key Result 2: Ensure atleast 30% of the new hires comes with exceptional references
    Key Result 3: Document performance measurement metrics for individual contributions

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