Employee Wellness Program Policy Example

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    We at (name of company) strongly believe that the better an employee’s physical as well as mental health, the better is his or her performance at work. Overtime, we have also observed that a healthier workforce is a happier workforce. Healthy employees also mean an office almost free of undeclared absenteeism and sick leaves increasing the organization’s overall productivity.

    This policy acts as a framework to promote and monitor employee wellness programs and encourage a holistic lifestyle within the organization.

    Scope And Purpose

    Our employee wellness program policy is applicable to all our employees across the organization unless otherwise mentioned.

    This policy covers various aspects such as health awareness programs such as:

    Lifestyle: Stress management, mental health, giving up smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, etc.

    Nutrition: Usage and availability of nutrition desk and talks and seminars about a healthy diet.

    Physical activity: Guideline for using various wellness resources available such as gyms, swimming pools, yoga centre, meditation room, etc

    Injury Prevention: Encouraging the use of safety equipment especially in labour-intensive profiles.

    Emergency Preparedness: Conducting and participating in emergency drills, seminars and sessions, expert talks, health checkups, etc

    This policy also governs the applicability and usage of any third party vendors and experts who are introduced to cater to your health and well being.

    Various activities and competitions such as marathons or cricket matches which are conducted with the mission to promote health and lifestyle are also governed by this policy.


    Confidentiality of information and identity is integral for the successful implementation of this policy.

    In lieu of confidentiality, no results of services availed under this policy or any meeting with any counsellors will be revealed or discussed with anyone else.

    Any such information will be revealed only with the prior written consent of the employee.

    Roles And Responsibilities


    Managers are expected to lead by example. They are also responsible for the effective implementation of this policy and extending support to the employees.

    Managers shall \ observe employee performance and behaviour to identify any change or decline and guide them towards employee wellness programs.

    Human Resources:

    The Human Resources team is responsible for conducting employee wellness programs from time to time and ensure that employees are well informed about any employee wellness program beforehand.

    They are also accountable for the implementation of this policy in lieu of employee referral monitoring and confidentiality.


    Employees are expected to responsibly take care of their health and wellness and ask for assistance whenever required.

    They are also requested to make optimal use of all health and lifestyle services and opportunities being offered from time to time.

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