Employee background verification checklist

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    Verifying employee background is one of the most crucial aspects of the recruitment process. Background verification confirms the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided by the applicants for the particular job role. The screening covers checks on identity, financial, previous employment, education, and criminal aspects. The aim is to hire a reliable individual with the right background.


    The checks are carried only on the individuals who are given the job offer. It is a part of the hiring process. Candidates are already informed about these checks during the process and must provide their authorization. In case of non-compliance, the job offer is withdrawn by the company. The ultimate aim is to build a trustworthy team characterized by integrity.

    Employee background verification checklist

    A background screening process starts with documenting the consent form. Companies use it to get individuals’ permission to conduct a background check and verification. The form is created to collect detailed information about the potential employee.

    Here is a detailed overview of the background check process.


    Pre-Verification Preparation

    It is one of the important steps of employee verification preparation. The HR is usually required to do the following –

    • Ask potential employees to give written permission for a background check before starting the process.
    • Inform the candidates how much time will be taken to complete the process.
    • Necessary preparation must be done to inform the candidates about the status of background checks. Arrangements must be made to give result copies to the candidates.
    • Ensure security and the right processing of sensitive data.


    Different types of employment background checks are conducted during the process, including the following –  

    • Criminal Background
    • Identity Verification
    • Credit Background
    • E-Verify Background
    • Professional Licence
    •  Education Background
    •  MVR Reports
    • Fingerprint Background

    Potential employees need to sign a background verification consent form, which includes questions about their personal details (like name, date of birth, residential address, phone number, etc.), employee status, professional work experience, professional licenses, and professional preferences.

    Document Collection

    Background check for employment requires the following documents – 

    For International Employees (for GR&A)

    • Passport/ Driving License
    • Address and ID Proofs
    • Education Proofs – Passing Certificate/Degree Consolidated All Semesters/Final Year marks sheet)

    Previous Employment proof

    • For Immediate previous Employment – Resignation acceptance e-mail or letter
    • Experience letter/Relieving/Service Certificate for employment of last 5 years


    For Indian Employees (all businesses such as GR&A and MT campus hire)

    • PAN Card and Aadhar Card
    • Document for address proof – any utility bill such as Telephone, Gas, and Electricity that highlights the candidate’s address stated in the Background Verification form. Alternatively, candidates may provide a driving License/Passport or any other document with authentic details.
    • Proof of education – Passing Certificate/Degree or Consolidated All Semesters or final year marks sheet


    Previous Employment proof

    • For Immediate previous Employment – Resignation acceptance e-mail or letter
    • Experience letter/Relieving/Service Certificate for employment of last 5 years


    Managing the collected documents efficiently is important for companies. The traditional paper-based practice is a more feasible option. Automating the document management systems through the use of reliable software like KEKA has come into play. These advanced solutions offer many benefits, such as better organization and management of documents and increased compliance and security.


    Using Keka, the process of background checks and employment becomes more efficient and smooth. Keka HR helps the teams to scale, evolve, and adapt by ensuring effective working. It helps professionals save time that would otherwise be spent on mundane tasks.

    Identity Verification

    After collecting the primary details and consent form from the potential employees for employment background, you should proceed with identity verification. Follow the given steps listed below to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the process –

    • Check the potential employee’s or applicant’s identity. Also, check the candidate’s background, including their past and current addresses. Ensure proper address verification of the candidate. Check their passport, driving License, utility bills, or any other relevant document for the details.
    • The next step is to verify their educational credentials. Check the details pertaining to their Highest Qualification. Check the education qualification, educational institute name, and the month and year of attending the college as mentioned in the form and stated in the documents/mark sheet. 


    Check whether they pursued part-time or full-time courses. Also, verify the roll number/college ID. For the professionally qualified charter or membership, the number must be checked. Roll the number of final exams for the candidates who are yet to obtain their charter number or membership. Make sure the provided is correct.  

    • The third step is to contact the applicant’s previous employer, manager, or supervisor for a background screening check. By connecting with previous employers, you can learn more about the character and skills of the individual. Also, find out if any concerning information or negative info is addressed. 

    Confirm the authenticity of these certificates issued by the employer. The employment period should be as mentioned in the relieving letter. Also, check the reason cited in the form for leaving the job.

    • Lastly, conduct a background check for the criminal history of the candidate. In case of any problem, alert the company about it.


    In addition to the employee background verification form, you may collect details for verifications and get consent for further checks through the following forms –

    • Motor vehicle records check consent form
    • Education verification form
    • Reference check consent form
    • Employment history verification form
    • Criminal background check consent form
    • Credit check consent form


    Cross-referencing the proofs and ID is as important as a background check in the employee background verification process. It helps ensure the complete authenticity and accuracy of the candidate’s personal information. Plus, it also reduces the risk of fraudulent activities and identity theft. Cross-referencing also reinforces the reliability of the info provided by the potential employee.


    Final Verification Report 

    Pre-employment verification has become more common in recent years. The criminal record verifications, education, employment, and other checks help identify discrepancies in information provided by the employee. It also uncovers the negative indicators of the applicants. Using screening tools and automated data management tools ensures seamless verification of the details. It also helps in cross-referencing processes.

    The BGV verification process identifies the negatives and improves employee morale. It reassures the company’s existing employees that their colleagues have been screened and rigorously checked. It fosters a sense of mutual trust and security. It ensures building a trustworthy team of professionals. And this eventually fosters better employee performance and a positive working environment for all.

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