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Customer Support OKR Examples

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    Customer support teams are the frontline of a business as they communicate with clients and interact with them about the products and services the company renders. Besides being the first point of contact and frontline communication, customer support is important for onboarding new clients and communicating customer feedback to the marketing teams. Customer feedback requires cross-functional workflows and organizing the company’s information flow.

    What is customer support OKRs

    Customer support OKRs help companies to set quarterly objectives and key results. It also helps define the improvement opportunities to be undertaken. Writing key results as measurable outcomes helps the team focus on customer behavior and satisfaction.

    The customer supports OKR framework is important in measuring overall organizational performance. Hence, aligning their OKRs with the company’s organizational OKRs is essential as they play an important role in customer retention. Customer support OKRs provide metrics that measure the company.

    How to set customer support OKRs

    OKRs comprise objectives and key results, which help set all kinds of goals, including customer support. From lowering negative feedback to increasing customer satisfaction, customer support OKRs can ensure that customer support stays on track and heads in a positive direction in alignment with the company’s goal.

    The formula to set customer support OKRs is simple. Objectives are the goals you want your customer support team to accomplish, while key results are the measurable, time-bound milestones falling under the objectives. A company must have two-three objectives with three to five key results per objective about customer support.

    With the help of the customer support OKR framework, it becomes easy to measure the real-time data of customer support. Setting up customer support OKR template ensures that there is customer retention and that the business scales via new customers.

    Customer support OKR Examples

    Objective- Increase customer satisfaction

    • Key Result 1– Increase good to great ratings from 50 to 70
    • Key Result 2– Develop ten full answers to commonly asked questions
    • Key Result 3– Improve first-time response rate from 30 to 15 minutes on average

    Objective- Reduce average response time

    • Key Result 1– Decrease first response time for customer support inquiries to 60 minutes
    • Key Result 2– Achieve a customer satisfaction rating of at least 80% for timely resolution and response time
    • Key Result 3– Reduce average resolution time for customers from 120 minutes to 60 minutes for L1 and L2 issues

    Objective- Improve first contact resolution rate

    • Key Result 1– Provide omnichannel support
    • Key Result 2– Develop internal processes that support contact resolution rate
    • Key Result 3– Adjust average handle time to reflect quick first contact resolution

    Objective- Increase customer retention

    • Key Result 1– Increase the open rate of in-product communications from 5% to 15%
    • Key Result 2– Reduce average response time from 3 hours to 1 hour
    • Key Result 3– Increase end-user satisfaction from 3.0 to 5.0

    Objective- Improve support team productivity

    • Key Result 1– Achieve a 90% pass rate in monthly support team quizzes
    • Key Result 2-Increase number of certified support team members from 50% to 70%
    • Key Result 3-Create a customer support monthly champion program

    Objective- Enhance customer feedback collection

    • Key Result 1-Achieve 70% response rate for customer feedback requests
    • Key Result 2– Enhance net promoter score from 5 to 9
    • Key Result 3– Increase tickets resolved per employee per day from 40 to 60

    Objective- Implement customer support training programs

    • Key Result 1– Offer at least two customer support training programs per month per customer
    • Key Result 2– Achieve a 30% increase in customer support staff average response time within six months of the training program
    • Key Result 3– Increase training videos for customer support from 20 to 40

    Objective- Enhance omnichannel support

    • Key Result 1– Increase omnichannel engagement rate to 5%
    • Key Result 2– Increase blogs on customer support from 1 to 2 per month
    • Key Result 3– Maintain >90% customer support across all channels

    Objective- Increase customer advocacy

    • Key Result 1– Reduce negative feedback and customer complaints per quarter from 20 to 5
    • Key Result 2– Decrease average waiting time for customers’ chat support from 5 minutes to 1 minute
    • Key Result 3– Offer two personalized email newsletters per month
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