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How Vantage Circle Cracked the Code of HR Automation

Vantage Circle, an IT SaaS company grappling with manual HR processes, implemented Keka. Keka streamlined onboarding, leave management, payroll, and established a Helpdesk, resulting in faster processes, improved communication, and valuable data for data-driven HR decisions.

Ninja Dutta

HR Manager

From my perspective, Keka is the best HRMS to us because of its budget-friendly offerings as compared to other alternatives on the market. Its user-friendly interface is very easy to learn and adapt to.

The big impact

  • Automated tedious manual tasks like onboarding, leave tracking, and payroll, freeing up time for more strategic HR initiatives 
  • Enhanced overall job satisfaction of employees with easier issue resolution 
  • Streamlined performance management process and set the stage for continued organizational growth and success 




Delhi NCR, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The management decided and facilitated the change

Time taken for decision

30 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Invest the time in strategic initiatives

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