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Pixelloid is an award-winning 3D animation company that offers high-end visual effects services to films, TV commercials, and corporates. While handling HR tasks manually, maintaining excel sheets was time-consuming. Things became more complicated with the increase in employee headcount, so the company felt the need for Payroll software. Pixelloid collaborated with Keka to achieve impeccable HR automation.

Bala Sankar Reddy Bonthu


People at Keka have always been supportive, be it during the product implementation or customer support. All the features at Keka are really good. Our management chose by selecting Keka, and Keka proved that the choice was the right one.

The big impact

The efforts of both Pixelloid and Keka as true automation partners in this journey paid off with the following results:  

  • Data centralization allows streamlined access to employee data. There is no need to maintain excel sheets and no more data loss occurs.   
  • Payroll is synced with leave and attendance to omit errors. Compliance management, tax filing, and audits have become easy processes.   
  • Engaging employees through announcements, pulse surveys, and more has resulted in a 21% increase in productivity and 26% in employee engagement. 
  • One-click report generation helps with the easy analysis of incoming data. By availing insightful reports, decision-makers now focus on making better strategic decisions for the business.   


Media & Entertainment


Hyderabad, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The Founder recommended

Time taken for decision

30 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Got more time to plan business expansion

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