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Compensation and Benefits Manager Job Description Template

We are looking for the right candidate to fit in the role of compensation and benefits manager with relevant experience. As a compensation and benefits manager you will be responsible for overlooking ‘employee pay satisfaction as a metric. You will be developing, standardizing, modifying and creating initiatives and strategies so we stay competitive within the market.

You will regularly be conducting an analysis of internal and external information, presenting to the management for brainstorming and, if all goes well, implementing. A majority of your time will be spent developing incentive programs and the ongoing administration of performance reviews, by the department.

You are expected to have a knack for project management skills as you will be the centre point of communication and decisions in regards to this subject. You will also partner with every department that has a say in our workplace happiness – from operations to finance till legal; in regards to compensation-related matters.

Key responsibilities:

  • Research on local/country-wide salary by city and industry
  • Benchmark current payscale to competitors on a proactive basis
  • Plan and execute mid-year and off-cycle merit plans and benefits according to contract
  • Strategize new implementations in the payroll and merit for all employees or a segment
  • Act as a resource to employees encouraging conversation during on-boarding and after
  • Ability to influence, partner up and gain traction from design till delivering a full-fledged program.
  • Ensure compliance is maintained for pay and benefits on a federal and state level.

Job requirements:

  • Awareness about local/regional practices and legal requirements associated with pay and benefits
  • 3+ years of experience in localized compensation labour laws.
  • Extremely strong Excel skills with knowledge of V-Lookups and Pivot tables
  • Attention to detail and a knack for theorizing based on the information given
  • Experience working in an HRMS enabled environment


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