Community Manager Job Description Template

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    A Community Manager connects the business with its audience. They are the face of the brand that the audience will interact with and are responsible for showing the brand in a positive tone and voice. They take care of digital channels to create a strong brand presence. They also contribute towards building online trust using content distribution.

    Community Manager Job Brief

    We are looking for a Community Manager to create and manage the company’s online image and build brand awareness. They will manage the company’s social media accounts, digital interaction platforms, and other online sources to connect with the target audience.

    The Community Manager must be digital-savvy. This is vital to building loyalty and trust in the brand. They will be responsible for aligning all company communications, such as marketing content, PR, social media posts, etc., for building a positive brand identity. They will be required to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and viral posts to find new ways to engage with the online audience.

    This individual will act as the first point of online contact for followers and fans. The ideal candidate for this role will possess great written and verbal communication skills. They will engage in conversations with the brand’s target market and thus, must have great people skills.

    Roles And Responsibilities

    • Understand the target audience for business products.
    • Create methods to build engagement and grow social media following.
    • Develop and execute a content plan.
    • Plan and implement social media strategies for brand recognition.
    • Build engaging videos, posts, articles, and other types of online content.
    • Post on social media, blogs,  websites and other online platforms.
    • Monitor all social media accounts and respond to queries, comments, and requests.
    • Create, track, and analyse useful metrics.
    • Research and follow the competitors in the industry.
    • Inform the internal stakeholders about community feedback.
    • Implement new communication initiatives.
    • Work with other teams and individuals to ensure a consistent brand image across online platforms.
    • Participate in industry workshops and attend networking events.
    • Plan and host online events on trending industry topics.
    • Plan, lead, and organise offline events based on the needs of the brand.
    • Ensure accurate and positive brand representation.
    • Create reports to monitor and manage audience engagement.
    • Identify and study important community metrics and online traffic.
    • Maintain good rapport with the brand’s target market.
    • Add value to the brand based on consumer expectations.
    • Analyse metrics such as click-through, engagement, bounce, etc.


    • Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, communication, marketing or other related fields.
    • Proven experience in handling social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
    • Skilled in using Hootsuite and other platforms for posting online.
    • Trained in Google Analytics.
    • Ability to create or curate compelling content.
    • Knowledge of the latest marketing trends.
    • Proficiency in MS Office.
    • Strong communication, time management, and organisation skills.
    • Critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills to diffuse any negative response from the audience.
    • Good grasp of best practices on social media.
    • Event planning skills.
    • Top-notch presentation skills.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the scope of the Community Manager role?

    The scope of a Community Manager role depends largely on the size of the business. In smaller companies, they are responsible for all types of digital presence. This includes marketing products and services. Large companies typically need them to engage with the audience regularly to build brand loyalty.

    2. What is the best tactic for a Community Manager to create a positive brand image?

    Audience interaction is the key to creating a positive brand image. The Community Manager should identify and understand the target audience, and look for ways to test new tactics to get the right response from them. Sometimes, an idea may fail in the beginning. They must keep trying new trends to connect with the people. A single, similar tactic may not work for everyone. They must modify their interaction based on factors such as age group, background, expectations, etc. of the people.

    3. Is a social media manager the same as a Community Manager?

    A social media manager is responsible for managing a company’s social media accounts only. They handle social media platforms and other digital channels, including company websites. The Community Manager needs to have a deeper relationship with the audience. They handle all types of interactions with the target and potential audience. They have to focus on channels beyond social media, including live events to connect with people. They use online and offline media channels.

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