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    Accounts Directors are professionals responsible for supervising projects and fostering relationships with clients. Planning projects, collaborating with other team members and ensuring smooth business operations within the confines of the team are some of their responsibilities. However, an accounts director must also be proficient in communication and negotiation skills, with a strong grasp of the professional English language.

    The best way for hiring committees to gauge the skill level and proficiency of the candidates is by asking the right question. Hiring committees can learn whether their candidates are fully equipped to handle the teams’ responsibilities. The interviewer can also learn whether they can grow the company and be committed to the job that they are entrusted with, to their maximum capabilities.

    Questions To Ask In Accounts Director Interview

    Some of the questions listed below can help HR managers or interviewers understand their candidates. It’s important to see how well-versed they are if offered an Account Director’s role in the company.

    1. Describe the most challenging conflict you managed in your previous company, and how did you go about resolving the issue?  

    2. What are the first steps that you take when you want to build and maintain a strong relationship with clients?

    3. What was the most challenging situation you came across in your previous role, and what lessons have you learned from it?  

    4. Give us an example of how you led a team through a crisis or demonstrated leadership in your previous employment. 

    5. What tools or methods have you used to stay up-to-date with the latest industry and market trends? Do you incorporate this knowledge into your work responsibilities? If so, elaborate on how you manage to do that. 

    These questions aim to give the interviewing professionals a well-rounded and thorough understanding of their candidate’s abilities and experience in the relevant areas of their roles. 

    For Beginners

    These questions are intended for candidates who are either fresh out of university or have less than 2 years of working experience in the field. Beginner-level questions help HR managers assess the candidate’s knowledge and how well they know their work responsibilities within the company. It will also help the hiring committee understand whether the candidate has all the necessary skills and experience for the job. Their curiosity and drive to learn new things can be valuable to the workforce. 


    1. Tell us about your previous work experience. How does it relate to the role of Account Director you are being interviewed for?

    The answer to this question can help the hiring committee gauge the candidate’s work experience and skills relevant to the job. This question will highlight the candidate’s ability to connect their past work experiences to the role of Account Director. It will shed light on their understanding of the role and how well they are suited for it. HR managers can also ask this question to evaluate the candidate’s professional background and assess their ability in carrying out their responsibilities.

    1. Have you ever had a situation where you had to deal with a difficult client or an unruly team member? If so, how did you resolve or handle the situation?

    This question can determine how candidates cope with challenging situations that push their limits. It shows how well they deal with difficult people who are not bound to follow the rules and basic work etiquette. The question helps the hiring committee understand whether the candidates have strong interpersonal skills and negotiation abilities, which are vital in conflict resolution. If they haven’t faced a difficult situation or the candidates have no experience dealing with pressing issues, it’s hard to predict what they will do when faced with a dilemma in the workspace.

    1. Is there a time when you prioritised multiple tasks? Do you agree with the idea of multitasking? If so, how do you manage them?

    Time management is an important skill necessary for an Account Director. With this question, the interviewer can assess the candidate’s time management skills and ability to prioritise tasks effectively. The ability to handle multiple tasks, although not always ideal, is necessary when the situation demands it. Multitasking can be attributed to the fast-paced nature of the work environment and the high probability of the team or the company facing unexpected issues in the long run.

    1. Describe your approach when it comes to building or maintaining client relationships.

    The question concerns the candidate’s strategies and methods to build and maintain client relationships. A strong client-employee relationship is crucial for the company. Candidates who can nurture such relationships are always valuable, when taking up a role as an accounts director. 

    1. How do you manage to stay organised in a fast-paced work environment?

    Handling a stressful and high-pressure work environment can make all the difference for the team. Especially when they are nearing deadlines or struggling to get results. This question is aimed at the candidate’s ability to stay organised and explore the various strategies they have to de-stress or re-energise themselves when overwhelmed. 

    For the Intermediate Category

    The intermediate level refers to candidates with around 3-8 years of work experience. Ideally, they should be more than equipped to deal with tougher projects that are out of the league of beginner-level candidates. Hence, the questions should be able to gauge how well they fit into an intermediate role for the company. 

    1. Have you ever had to make a difficult decision for your team? How did you weigh the pros and cons before finalising that decision?

    The question helps the interviewer understand how candidates balance responsibilities within a team. It should also point out how they feel about sacrificing or leaving out certain priorities to achieve results. In most cases, there is never a right or wrong answer. This question helps interviewers understand how much responsibility their candidates are willing to shoulder when they push through a decision or a process.

    1. How have you contributed to your previous company’s growth? Did you undertake any special projects or other incentives to drive results?

    The interviewer or the hiring committee wants to learn how much of an impact their candidate had in their previous place of employment. Their track record of driving results will help make an impact when they take up the new role of Account Director. 

    1. Have you ever managed to exceed sales targets in your previous role?

    Although there are no issues when employees stick to their expected targets, sometimes employees are encouraged to go above and beyond. This question allows interviewers to identify candidates willing to give 110% and to push beyond what they are expected to accomplish. Employees who can over-deliver, are the key to successful team performance.

    1. How do you carry about developing and implementing strategic plans within your team?

    Taking calculated risks is a must-have skill that candidates need to cultivate. By asking this question, interviewers can learn whether their candidates take note of every step in their decision-making process. It also denotes how careful they are in analysing their steps as they progress. It also highlights how well they can implement their plans and work out strategies that benefit their team.

    1. Can you describe a time when you had to motivate a team or manage them to achieve a common goal? Explain your approach and the outcome.

    Working with an unfulfilled and moody team can drastically hamper productivity. Even when the issue is not common in a workspace. This question aims at understanding how candidates can help navigate their team and motivate them to achieve results within the stipulated time.

    For the Advanced Category

    Candidates applying for the advanced category must have more than 8 years of work experience in the industry. They have enough experience to shed new light on how the company runs. However, it is equally important to understand how competently they fit into the new role. Consider these questions before hiring an advanced candidate for the role of account director: 

    1. Have you ever solved a complex problem for a client? What steps did you take to ensure a successful outcome? 

    This question helps interviewers understand if their candidates are equipped to handle complex issues during their employment. Finding a successful outcome when faced with a complex problem is the mark of a diligent and conscientious employee. 


    1. How have you identified and successfully pursued new business opportunities for your previous company?

    Identifying new opportunities to help grow the company or profits for the clients is a valuable skill. By posing this question, interviewers can identify whether their candidates think outside the box and are open to new ideas. 

    1. What metrics do you use to measure success when working with a large multifaceted account? 

    The only way to grow results over time is to measure them. This question assesses the candidates’ ability to grow their success rate by converting them into metrics. It will also shed light on the candidates’ experience working with large company accounts.

    1. What steps do you take to stay ahead of the competition and keep pace with the ever-changing market and industry dynamics?  

    An ability to stay informed about the current market changes helps employees identify key areas that have the potential to grow. This question helps identify candidates who possess that special skill. 

    1. What steps did you take to successfully mentor and nurture team members in their previous roles in the company?

    This question helps interviewers identify the commitment of the candidates in helping their team members grow and learn. Candidates must be willing to help their new, inexperienced team members. Mentorship skills are vital for candidates if the company wants an all-around effective team. 


    Filtering out the best candidates from among the sea of potential hires is always overwhelming. The questions mentioned above can help the company find the right candidates that fit the work culture well. It will also narrow down those who have enough knowledge to deal with the various issues that may come their way when they take up the role of account director in the company. Always ensure that the candidate fulfils all the requirements. It’s also a good idea to do a thorough background verification on the candidate before hiring them.

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