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6 Must-Have Features in your ATS

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An Applicant Tracking System Or Simply ATS Is Meant To Help Recruiters To Streamline Their Hiring Process.

smart ATS performs many roles – from attracting the right talent to providing data analysis. An inefficient ATS system on the other hand can lead to delays in hiring and may cost the company in many ways.

Gartner report states that 29 percent of the critical roles in organizations are not filled in even after five months. This only reinforces the importance of having a smart ATS at the workplace to ease the recruitment process.

But what are the critical features that an ATS must-have? While the main purpose of an ATS is to automate the recruitment process by tracking and organizing all the job applications in the database, it should have some basic features to streamline the hiring process.

Job Distribution

As a recruiter, your aim is to reach the maximum number of candidates. Several major recruitment sites usually collaborate with an applicant tracking system.

This means if you create a job post you can publish it simultaneously across different recruitment sites. You can then also track from which site you can get maximum applications so that you can tweak your distribution strategy accordingly.

Database Access

When your ATS receives a job application, it stores the application details in its database even after the position gets filled. This means you can access past applications for future job requirements without needing to post another job advertisement.

An Engaging Careers Page

To attract a potential candidate to apply for a job posting, you need to make sure you have an appealing career page. If you are planning to get an ATS for your organization, ensure it enables you to make a careers page that has an attractive layout and allows you to customize as per your company’s brand guidelines.

Security And Stability

When you are dealing with data of personal nature belonging to the candidates, you need to ensure they are stored securely. Look for an ATS that stores candidate’s data in an ISO compliant database. Also, ensure that the ATS comes with an acceptable uptime guarantee. After all, you don’t want your ATS to go down when the hiring need is critical for the business.

Onboarding Tools

Once you have hired your potential candidates, it is time to onboard them. A smart ATS can help you to onboard new employees and induct him/her in the team.

An ATS can incorporate resource pages that the employee can go through to understand employee benefits and other important policies that a new joiner needs to know. He/she can also access the paperwork to be filled to complete the onboarding process.

Social Media Access

Social media can play an important role in finding the right fit for your organization. Some ATS is built keeping that feature in mind so that when you make a job post it gets posted on multiple social media sites as well.

To streamline the recruitment process, it is beneficial to have trusted ATS by your side. With more people leaving jobs and looking for new opportunities, an ATS will help you to get a competitive advantage over your peers to attract the best candidates.

There are many ATS available in the market. Be mindful while selecting one for your organization so that it meets all your hiring needs and business requirements. Regardless of the ATS you choose, 96 percent of organizations have agreed that an ATS has enhanced their hiring experience. It is about time to invest in a smart ATS if you haven’t done so already.

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