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5 Things You Should Do To Win Your Candidate’s Heart

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What comes to your mind when you hear the term recruiter? A person responsible for bringing the right people into the company is just a mere definition you can think of. Recruitment goes beyond professional barriers and ventures into creating lasting relationships, being the cornerstone for change and impact.   

Recruiters heavily focus on fulfilling their responsibilities and somewhere in this mechanical rush, the human touch that is paramount to forming beautiful bonds fades away. You are few steps away from being your candidate’s best recruiter and this is what makes you exceptional.  

Here I’ve a few things to share that help you become a recruiter that your candidate would never forget. 

5 Things You Should Do To Win Your Candidate's Heart

Treat them like your friends  

Most of the recruiters keep it hyper-professional, and their communication with the candidate is restricted only to business hours. Some say displaying friendship can make the candidates take you for granted, and it’s necessary to keep it “professional” (air quote).   

All I can say to them is that you’re reluctant to see the value behind the friendship.  

And by friendship, I mean, to create an environment where the candidate can be comfortable and free to express their views. One way of doing it is to occasionally talk about their passion and personal life or anything interesting about themselves. It just shows that you’re amiable and welcoming – laying the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. 

Facilitate things to get some extra love  

“First you said friendship, and now you’re talking about love. What in the world are you all about?” is what I guess popped into your mind.  

Well, I would say it’s not exactly what you think of and has to do with your facilitation skills. Some recruiters pull up their BIG NO sign when candidates pitch their special requests, let’s say a visit to the workplace before joining or meeting with their future manager. The recruiter might say it upsets their rules.  

Candidates are always intrigued about their work and workplace. The recruiter will be the primary contact to reach out and feed their curiosity.   

Doing something is always better than doing nothing, and that’s why start addressing and facilitating the right things to engage and win the candidate’s undivided attention.  

Collect genuine feedback across the panel   

Please, for the love of recruitment gods, never miss sharing the feedback with your candidate. While you’re at it, find time to gather responses and comments regarding the candidate from the panel.   

It is frustrating for a candidate to follow up and wait days to listen from people he/she has interacted with during the recruitment process. Make their life easy by sharing this valuable and insightful information you’ve gathered with your almighty power (just kidding, it’s a pain in the butt for anyone).  

Get all the feedback in one place to fasten up your decision-making process.  

Guide them like a successful sibling  

Even though the candidate is all set to join your company, there will still be skepticism regarding the job, scope, and career path in his/her head. They will shy away from posing it to you, but you, as a recruiter, have to bring it up to help them reinforce their decisions. Take the liberty to explain by yourself or even connect employees who are growing to show how candidates can succeed in their careers. However, this can backfire if you try too hard to influence the candidate to join your organization and moreover, it’s all about winning over your candidate, not the company. Keep it real and subtle.  

Be ready to go an extra mile  

‘How far I’ll go’ isn’t a song by Alessia Cara but a question you need to ask for yourself.   

Do you need to go? No, you don’t have to unless you care about your candidates.   

Going the extra mile means being available to candidates in the late hours, being nice to them irrespective of the situation, handling unexpected delays in formalities from candidate’s side and any other thing that shows you’re built for empathy and patience.   

Let’s admit, recruitment is a dirty game that involves pressure, distress and vexation, yet there is a load of things to feel joy and pride being a recruiter. All those little sufferings and sacrifices pay off in the end. To help you become an awesome recruiter, Keka recruitment management software is here to take care of all the hard and mundane work. 

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