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The HR Resurgence in 2023

and how it is creating an exciting career trajectory for HR Professionals

We are living in an era where AI is not just making headlines, it’s writing headlines. The business world is at the cusp of a major change, a tectonic shift is taking place causing disruptions we have never imagined before.    

Since last year, trends like AI, blockchain, remote work, and gig economy dominated the news. Many such trends were considered to be in their nascent stages just a few years ago. Today, we see their widespread practical usage in different industries of business and areas of life.   

These disruptions and changes created the right circumstances for the resurgence of one human resource management, whose criticality had long been forgotten or ignored.   

HR has risen like a phoenix from its ashes to reclaim its rightful place at the business table.   

It’s no longer a department that was relegated to hiring and employees.  

It’s no longer a function that was limited to repetitive administrative tasks.   

It’s no longer a division that is fancied by companies only when they are on a hiring spree  

This white paper outlines the Resurgence of HR by covering the following aspects:  

  • Breaking free from the shackles of past – myths and misconceptions about HR.
  • HR in a new Avatar – new roles, responsibilities and expectations. 
  • How HR tech has opened a new world of possibilities.
  • The rise and rise of T-shaped HR professionals.
  • What’s next for HR aspirants and professionals.

Download the white paper and explore each topic in detail! 

Download the eWhitepaper for free!

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