Onboarding and Beyond

A comprehensive guide for a successful and impactful onboarding journey

The transition of a shortlisted and selected job candidate into a new joiner is something that needs deft handling and effective management. Employee onboarding is the bridge that facilitates this transition. It is the stage where employee success actually begins. Generating engagement right from the offer acceptance is critical to prevent attrition.

In many organizations, the recruiters are so burdened with their hiring targets that the moment a candidate accepts the job offer, they immediately move to other shortlisted candidates. Most of the time, there is a visible disconnect between the recruitment and the onboarding teams which has serious implications.

If your organization does not take the onboarding seriously, it risks alienating employees and may create unpleasant first impressions, sowing the seeds for future attrition.

Onboarding serves two important purposes:

  1. Accelerating new hires’ productivity and competence in their roles
  2. Influencing the initial impressions new employees form about the company

While onboarding procedures may differ across businesses and industries, there are several general guidelines that can significantly enhance employee engagement, retention, and the overall success of the onboarding process.

Implementing a standardized onboarding process alone can increase new hire retention by a remarkable 50%. Moreover, when businesses provide a stellar onboarding experience, an impressive 69% of employees are more likely to stay with the company for at least three years.

This white paper is a detailed guide to help you understand the significance of onboarding and its best practices.

In this document, you can explore:

  • Essence & objectives of new employee onboarding
  • Key parts of a successful onboarding process
  • Resources and tools for onboarding
  • Best practices in employee onboarding
  • Ready-made onboarding email templates
  • Solving HR onboarding challenges with Cloud HRMS

Download the white paper and explore each topic in detail!

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