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Decoding HR’s impact on engagement in hybrid and on-field roles

How can HR foster a sense of belonging and connection for hybrid and on-field employees

What is at the core of organizational triumph? Employees! 

In the competitive landscape of today’s workforce, employee engagement is the linchpin for organizational success. In order to win, organizations need to build emotional commitment among employees that transcends a purely transactional mindset.  While it is relatively easy for companies whose employees work from the office, it’s considerably challenging for businesses with a scattered workforce and hybrid models.  

As Richard Branson emphasizes, ‘Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.’ This holds true amid intense talent competition. 

Consider this: how many leaders turn these words into actions? Engaged employees go beyond roles, injecting genuine passion, boosting productivity, innovation, and a sense of belonging. 

Statistics underscore the significance. Gallup reports a 21% profitability boost in highly engaged organizations, with lower turnover rates leading to substantial cost savings in recruitment and training. 

In essence, addressing the intricacies of employee engagement, especially with hybrid and on-field employees, isn’t just about recognizing challenges; it’s about seizing the opportunity to strategically overcome them.  

Dive into this comprehensive whitepaper on employee engagement to discover: 

  • The power and purpose behind employee engagement 
  • The driving forces that play an influential role in shaping the engagement landscape 
  • The strategies of champions and industry leaders of employee engagement 
  • Technology as a catalyst for hybrid employee engagement 
  • The art and science of employee engagement ROI calculation 

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