VP Talent Management Job Description Template

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    An ideal candidate for the role of Vice President of Talent Management (VP TM) will be responsible for overseeing and implementing the company’s talent management strategy. In this role, a good VP Talent Management Job Description will design and execute programs to attract, retain, and develop top talent. It involves ensuring the company has a solid and engaged workforce. Professionals in this role must have a proven track record of designing and implementing successful talent management programs.


    They should understand current trends and best practices. This is a critical role for the company, requiring excellent leadership, strategic thinking, and communication skills. The VP TM will work closely with the leadership team and other stakeholders.


    VP Talent Management Job Brief


    We are looking for a Vice President of Talent Management (VP TM) to oversee employee engagement programs, manage talent acquisition, design and execute employee development programs, and manage employee relations. The VP TM will create and implement a talent management strategy to meet the company’s current and future talent needs. This is a senior leadership role that requires exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.


    VP Talent Management Roles and Responsibilities

    • Develop and implement a talent management strategy
    • Oversee employee engagement programs
    • Manage talent acquisition
    • Design and execute employee development programs
    • Manage employee relations
    • Measure and report on talent management metrics


    VP Talent Management Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field
    • Five or more years of experience in a talent management role
    • Understanding of organisational development and success
    • Expertise in recruitment, training, and performance management
    • Knowledge of legal compliance, labour laws, and policies
    • Ability to develop and implement effective policies and procedures
    • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders
    • Proficient in the use of HRIS systems
    • Excellent problem-solving, strategic planning, and decision-making skills
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