VP Talent Acquisition Job Description Template

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    The VP Talent Acquisition plays a critical role in the success of an organisation, leading the strategy and execution of all talent acquisition efforts. Professionals in this role are responsible for developing and implementing recruitment plans, building and maintaining ties with hiring managers and key stakeholders, and leading the recruitment team.

    VP Talent Acquisition Job Brief

    We are looking for a good VP Talent Acquisition who can lead the talent acquisition strategy and execution for the organisation. This role involves building relationships with key stakeholders, leading the recruitment team, and ensuring that recruitment efforts align with the organisation’s goals and objectives.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    • Develop and implement recruitment strategies aligned with the company’s goals and objectives
    • Identify and target top talent
    • Create and implement sourcing strategies
    • Develop and implement metrics to measure the success of the recruitment efforts
    • Build and maintain ties with hiring managers and key stakeholders to understand their talent needs
    • Lead the recruitment team, including setting goals and objectives, providing mentorship and guidance, and holding team members accountable for performance
    • Manage the recruitment budget, ensuring that all recruitment efforts are cost-effective and efficient
    • Stay up to date with industry trends and best practices to ensure that the organisation’s recruitment efforts are competitive and effective
    • Coordinate with other departments to ensure that recruitment efforts align with the organisation’s overall goals and objectives


    • Bachelor’s degree in human resources or a relevant field
    • Several years of experience in talent acquisition and management, with a proven track record of success
    • Proven ability and experience in leading and managing teams effectively
    • Strong business acumen and insight into the company’s goals and objectives
    • Strong communication and relationship-building skills
    • Knowledge of industry trends and best practices in talent acquisition
    • Ability to work effectively with other departments and stakeholders within the organisation
    • Ability to analyse and interpret data and metrics to measure the success of recruitment efforts
    • Strong project management and organisational skills
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced, timeline-driven environment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the new technologies or processes the VP Talent Acquisition is exploring to streamline recruitment?

    This role involves exploring new technologies such as AI-powered candidate sourcing and screening, virtual reality recruitment experiences, and others to enhance the recruitment process and make it more efficient. These new tools provide a better candidate experience, reduce the time to hire, and increase the quality of candidates being sourced.

    2. How does the role of a VP Talent Acquisition align with the goals and objectives of the organisation?

    A: The VP Talent Acquisition Job Description aligns with the overall goals and objectives of an organisation by being responsible for attracting, sourcing, and hiring top talent for the company. This role works closely with the leadership team to understand the company’s current and future talent needs, create and implement strategies to meet those needs, and oversee recruitment efforts. By effectively filling key roles with the right talent, this role directly contributes to the company’s success.

    3. How does the VP Talent Acquisition lead the recruitment team?

    In this role, an ideal candidate builds and manages a high-performing team, provides guidance and support on complex hiring situations, drives continuous improvement, and fosters a positive and collaborative work environment. By leading the recruitment team in these ways, they ensure that the company attracts and hires top talent and achieves its overall goals and objectives.

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