VP Talent Acquisition Interview Questions 

Table of Contents

    Vice presidents of talent acquisition are in charge of recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. They’re in charge of devising effective techniques for expanding your company’s talent pipeline and establishing a great employer brand. 

    Because the Vice President of Talent Acquisition is a member of the management team, you should search for people that have a strong strategic vision and can help your company expand through innovative ideas. 

    • What employment laws does a VP of Talent Acquisition need to be aware of? How has that knowledge previously aided you? 
    • How do you evaluate employee performance in order to find possible candidates for unfilled positions? 
    • What steps should you take to create an effective succession plan? 
    • What changes would you make to our employer brand? 
    • How can you adapt your leadership style to operate with a global workforce? 
    • Which ATS systems have you used before? 
    • What kind of social media recruitment experience do you have? 
    • How can you ensure that your team is diverse? 
    • When it comes to developing a talent pipeline, what is your primary focus? 
    • What does it mean to you to have a positive applicant experience? 
    • What is the most effective sourcing approach for attracting passive candidates? 
    • Have you ever had to deal with a recruiting manager’s disagreement about a candidate? How did you deal with it? 
    • How have you previously detected and dealt with disengaged employees? 
    • Describe a period when your talent management contributed to the success of your organization. 
    • Have you ever tried to improve the onboarding process by implementing a new system? 
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