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    As a key executive board member, VP of human resources oversees all HR operations. This involves overseeing critical areas such as recruitment, training, and employee lifecycle management. Human resources coordinators and payroll experts may report directly to certain corporations’ VPs of human resources.They also oversees the recruiting process on behalf of the company’s HR department. Depending on the company’s size and the structure of the HR department, their responsibilities in this area may be defined. 

    This VP of HR job description template is designed for easy customization and ideal for posting on online job boards or company career pages.

    About the role 

    The VP of Human Resources will collaborate with the management team to shape the organisation’s vision. The candidate will also be considered responsible for developing plans and policies for the Human Resources department. It will include recruitment, compensation, training, and more. The VP will be the guiding force in hiring managers and evaluating the HR executives. 

    Job Title: Vice President Of Human Resources

    Location: BLR/Chennai/Hybd

    Department: Human Resource

    Job Type: Permanent

    Job Brief 

    Our organisation is on the lookout for a Vice President of Human Resources. The candidate should be highly competent as they will be the guiding light for overseeing and implementing the organisation’s HR plans. You will play an important role in our senior leadership team as VP of HR, and you’ll help ensure the company’s success by directing and influencing HR operations. The candidate should have effective people skills and leadership qualities; a strategic thinker will be preferred. The VP of Human resources role requires a person with a strong HR background and problem-solving abilities. 


    • Create a thorough HR strategy that supports the company’s objectives and put it into action.
    • Assist upper-level management with long-term planning for HRM and company growth.
    • Work together with recruiting managers to develop successful plans for acquiring new talent.
    • Promote a supportive work environment by promoting employee involvement.
    • Create and execute performance management systems to boost productivity and profitability.
    • Managers need your help with goal-setting, feedback, and performance reviews.
    • Plan and execute training and education initiatives to raise workers’ competence levels.
    • Work together with department leaders to determine training requirements and fill skill shortages.
    • Manage salary and benefits packages that are competitive in the market.
    • Make sure that all regulations and industry standards are followed.
    • Maintain familiarity with current labour rules and regulations to guarantee that your organisation follows them.
    • Develop rules and processes to mitigate risks associated with human resources.

    Skills and Requirements 

    • The candidate is required to be a B.SC/B. A in business, HR, or social sciences.
    • A degree of M.Sc./MA/MBA is preferred.
    • 10-15 years of experience in a strategic HR role
    • Should have experience as a VP of HR or a similar role or capacity.
    • The candidate should have experience in strategic planning and implementation.
    • Should have in-depth knowledge of HR functions.
    • Should be able to use analytics and metrics.
    • Must know international and national labour laws.
    • Knowledge of HR software, MS Office, and ERP Systems should be there.
    • The VP should have excellent communication skills.
    • The candidate must possess leadership qualities while being well-organised. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who is a VP of Human Resources? 

    The VP of human resources (HR) heads an organisation’s human resources. Compliance with applicable employment rules and regulations, management of recruiting procedures, and employee relations are all part of strategic human resource planning.

    2. What does a VP of Human Resources do? 

    The VP of human resources plays a key role in formulating and implementing HR strategies that support the company’s overarching objectives.

    3. What skills should a VP of Human Resources have? 

    A thorough grasp of HR concepts, labour regulations, and industry trends, together with strong communication and leadership skills, is essential for a VP of human resources to succeed. With these abilities, they can handle difficult human capital issues and help the company succeed.

    4. What are the duties and responsibilities of a VP of Human Resources? 

    Talent management, employee engagement, performance reviews, policy development, and coordinating with upper management to guarantee that HR efforts support company goals are just a few of the many responsibilities of the VP of human resources.

    5. Who does a VP of Human Resources work with? 

    Vp of human resources works with the members of upper management, heads of departments, and interdisciplinary teams work closely with a VP of human resources. 

    6. What makes a good VP of Human Resources? 

    Strong leadership, empathy, flexibility, and the capacity to reconcile organisational needs and employee well-being are characteristics of an effective VP of human resources. 

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