Volunteer Coordinator Job Description Template

Table of Contents

    An ideal candidate for the Volunteer Coordinator role should be able to find, manage, and help volunteers grow. Professionals in this role should be able to create volunteer roles, manage the recruitment process, provide orientation and training, and offer the necessary support. They plan events, keep track of volunteer performance, and maintain records of volunteer work. They must establish connections with people in the community to encourage more volunteers to get involved and promote the organization.

    Volunteer Coordinator Job Brief

    We are looking for Volunteer Coordinators who can motivate and communicate well with others while keeping things organized. Professionals in this role must think strategically and handle relationships with people outside the organization. They must be able to work independently and adapt to different situations.

    Volunteer Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

    • Develop and execute plans to find, train, and retain volunteers
    • Plan and conduct volunteer training and orientation sessions
    • Create and maintain job descriptions and roles for volunteers
    • Establish policies and procedures for managing volunteers
    • Coordinate activities to thank volunteers
    • Plan and execute campaigns to recruit volunteers
    • Identify the best positions for volunteers and find suitable candidates
    • Get to know volunteers and keep in touch with them
    • Ensure volunteers are being used effectively and communicate with other employees
    • Provide feedback to volunteers and evaluate their performance
    • Assist with activities and events to show appreciation for volunteers
    • Maintain accurate records of volunteer work and hours
    • Develop programs and projects for volunteers
    • Collaborate with other departments to identify where volunteers can help
    • Provide guidance and advice to volunteers
    • Address any problems between volunteers and staff and find solutions
    • Generate reports about volunteer work
    • Manage volunteers in a diverse environment
    • Identify meaningful tasks for volunteers and delegate them effectively
    • Keep up-to-date with changes and trends in volunteer management
    • Participate in professional development opportunities

    Volunteer Coordinator Job Requirements

    • Ability to find, screen, train, and motivate volunteers
    • Design, create, and deliver a complete volunteer program
    • Plan and execute projects to help the organization achieve its goals
    • Create and maintain a database of volunteers and their skills
    • Schedule and coordinate volunteer activities and events
    • Create and use training materials for volunteers
    • Manage and track volunteer progress
    • Develop and update volunteer handbooks and manuals
    • Ensure compliance with laws, rules, and codes of conduct
    • Coordinate and participate in volunteer recruitment campaigns and projects
    • Establish and maintain a volunteer management system
    • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the volunteer program
    • Identify and resolve problems with the volunteer program
    • Collaborate with other departments that use volunteers
    • Create and maintain volunteer award and recognition programs
    • Establish connections with volunteer groups and maintain relationships
    • Plan and conduct volunteer orientation and training sessions
    • Develop and maintain policies and procedures for volunteers
    • Resolve disputes or conflicts between volunteers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What skills and experience do I need to become a volunteer coordinator?

    An ideal candidate for the Volunteer Coordinator role should have excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Most jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or a related field. Experience in coordinating and managing volunteers is also beneficial.

    2. What does a volunteer coordinator do?

    Volunteer coordinators are responsible for finding, training, and managing volunteers. They may also prepare reports, conduct interviews and orientations, track volunteer hours, and organize events to thank volunteers.

    3. Where do volunteer coordinators typically work?

    Volunteer coordinators typically work in places such as schools, hospitals, non-profits, and organizations that rely on volunteers. The pace is usually fast, so coordinators need to work well under pressure and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

    4. How do volunteer coordinators recruit new volunteers?

    Volunteer coordinators typically use various methods to recruit new volunteers, such as advertising in local media, speaking at community events, using social media, and reaching out to potential volunteers through personal and professional networks.

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