Joiner Today, Gone Tomorrow?


Etched in bold, haunting Rajesh the Head HR. 

A few months ago, the team was high fiving over successful new hires. 


A whopping 40% were walking out of the door within a few months. 

His entire team was assembled in the meeting room, and ghostly staring at the figure 40% new joiner attrition rate. 

Who was the culprit? 

A sneaky villain in disguise, Employee Disengagement had creeped in when his team was busy scaling the increased number of hire requests in a newly adopted remote work structure. 

By the time the team realized the damage was done. 

The wounds were clear – a weak communication system and lack of recognition. 

“What is the remedy?” 

While the HR department was busy finding a solution.

Their HRMS was still struck in the past!

It could only crunch payroll and track attendance.

The team cobbled together multiple quick fixes, but Rajesh knew deep down, they needed a sustainable solution. 

And then BAM! Lightning struck. 

Was it a lifeboat or an iceberg for the team? 

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