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Why Candidates Play Peek-A-Boo?

$45 million

A leading firm in the Indian fintech industry raised Series A funding. “Guys we did it. Now it’s time to focus on the road ahead.” 

“To achieve 10X growth in business, we have to double our existing workforce.” Announced the CEO. 

But the question was who would be the flag-bearer of this hiring spree?

“Akshita, we are counting on you!” The leaders declared in unison. 

Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Akshita successfully closed the positions within 5 months. Things were running smoothly until she was hit by an unexpected roadblock. 

The candidates she had shortlisted stopped replying. 

“What went wrong?” thought Akshita. 

When delving deeper to understand the root cause, she found that their competitors were attracting great candidates by offering a 30-100% salary hike. 

Akshita became furious and decided to come up with a Plan B to navigate through candidate ghosting. 

Will Akshita be able to lure back candidates? What would be her next steps?

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